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alan monro

Easy Home Theater

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A friend of the family invited us to go and enjoy his home theater ..(Now this bloke hasnt a clue about H/T).

On arrival to his home he wisked us away to his special room.

This room would have to be 14x16 ft and painted all dead black .

There is 2 red and black couches , one behind another in the room.

On the small wall is a 70 inch LED TV surrounded by a lot of small black speaker boxes and a slightly larger sub . On the back wall are 2 small surround speakers .

I forget the name of the movie that he demonstrated , Vampire something.

It sounded good and preformed well .Any distortions were not noticeable after getting into the story of the bood suckers.

He had purched a cheap $200 5.1 sound system in a box which included the reciever . I have never heard of the brand .

There you go , Home theater is not realy out of reach of anyone nowadays .............Alan

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