2 Channel Amp/receiver - 4 Speakers And Subwoofer - Recommendation?

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Present setup:

1) 2 Polk Audio floor-standing speakers

2) 2 Sony bookshelf speakers (wall mounted)

3) klipsch subwoofer

What I want to do:

Listen to FLAC via my HT Omega Claro Sound Card (Media Monkey) and Pandora via the net. I am an audiophile who wishes to listen to jazz while I do computer work - No Video, No Games, Just Audio.

So that means I need an amp/receiver that will allow me to control balance (side to side, front to rear) and tone (treble to bass).

I presently own a Denon AVR 2112CI but hear from the AV specialist I hired to program it that this amp was a bad choice from my needs. Although I am well beyond tech-savvy with computer hardware and traditional stereo amps, this whole surround-sound thing is all new to me.

Here is what I have that I have been told was a bad choice for my needs:


2) http://www.manualowl...I/Manual/110876

3) http://www.manualowl...I/Manual/200420

Is there a better Amp/Receiver for my needs than this Denon AVR? And under $800?

Btw, Denon manuals are definitely written by Devout Sadist. mad.gif

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You could get a straight up stereo receiver and save yourself a bunch of money. That would eliminate video switching and do straight left/right stereo. You would have balance and the ability to use either the Polks or the Sonys or both.

I am a big fan of the Onkyo TX-8050. Used them quite a bit. They have a good powerful amplifier and should do everything you want to do. Not sure about fading, but you can turn off front/rear if need be.

Edit: the 8050 does have composite video switching however.

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What you have is fine. You just won't use all of its capabilities. You have a couple of choices. You can set the AV receiver to a direct mode. That will bypass the processor and give you clean audio. If you want to use the surround speakers you will need to choose a direct mode that includes them or use one of the many surround modes in the proceesor that has an appealing sound for you. The receiver you have is very flexible and has powerful software. You can configure it to do whatever you want. The unused amplifiers won't get in the way of anything.

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