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Should I keep my Acurus A150?

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Recently I pulled my old Acurus A150 out of storage because I wanted to set up a new vinyl system in my bedroom. I purchase it over 20 years ago and is still seems to works great. I need a preamp with phono input and a friend recommended the Emotiva PT-100 as a good quality budget preamp. When looking at the site I see they have the TA-100 for $100 more and it has the integrated amp. Since I'm looking to keep the system somewhat simple (my wife isn't excited about a bunch of components and cables in our bedroom) does anyone have thoughts on if this would be a smart choice or would I be giving up too much by taking the Acurus amp out of the equation? It's a smaller system setup and I'm using Klipsch Reference 5 1/4" speakers. I appreciate any feedback.

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