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  1. Hello, thanks for the reply. I have 6 rooms with 2 speakers each. So there are 12 total speakers and each room has a volume nob.
  2. Hello, Im not all that familiar with home audio, but have a desire to get my house all set and ready to roll out some tunes. I have speakers in every room of my house that were built in. We just bought the house and the previous owners went and hacked off the ends of all that cables that came out of the wall. What a nightmare... So my question is two fold: 1. What kind of receiver is needed to have all 12 of my speakers work from it? I certianly dont see receivers that have that many connectors. 2. How would i go about fixing this? I dont have any idea what wire goes to what. Does it matter? I have about 6-8 inches of pretty thick gauge copper wire (insulated of course) which makes me think more of electrical line than speaker wire for its size that is on the outside of my wall. I am unable to easily get at the inside. Would be a demolition job to have that happen. I attached a pic of what I have. Thanks!!