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  1. turdburst - thanks for the manual link. I was listening to the radio in one of the rooms when all of a sudden it stopped. Now I cannot turn on any device from any of the rooms. I tried to unplug and plug the controller back in but I get nothing. Doesn't want to power up. Thanks for the reply Dwayne
  2. We recently moved into a home that has an Audioaccess MRX 6 zone controller. Rooms have the kps101 keypads. Unfortunately the controller just stopped working. Fuse or something, not sure. Are there any other controllers that I can use while still using the kps101 keypads as they are only 4 wire and we do not have cat5 wiring? I could just get another MRX controller but they are old and hard to find. Thank you in advance Dwayne
  3. If you or know someone who has an Audioaccess MRX multiroom controller they want to get rid of I would be interested. Thank you Dwayne Thedaubners@gmail.com
  4. I am looking for an Audio access MRX multiroom controller. If anybody has one the would like to get rid of I would be interested. Thedaubners@gmail.com Thank You Dwayne