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  1. Hi Guys - Home audio novice - bought a new house recently and the previous owners have a number of built-in speakers around the house (indoors and outdoors) that I'd like to start taking advantage of. I have an Apple TV and iMac - I do need to get a new AV receiver obviously, but wanted to get advice / recommendations on the complete equipment outlay to meet the following requirements: Play iTunes library through the speakers Play the likes of Spotify / Pandora through the speakers Support two zones (i.e. have music playing outdoors, but the TV playing indoors) All the best - Kevin.
  2. Hi All - New member....very much a novice to the home audio space. Just bought a house where the previous owners where clearly audiophiles, so I'd like to get upto speed and start planning on how to leverage the built-in indoor / outdoor speakers. Cheers - Kevin.