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  1. Hello All, new to the forum, however am a life long home theater guru I guess you would say. I have probably one of the most unusual setups for home audio that you have ever heard of. I have 4 daughters, me, and my wife, and we love earth moving bass, specially in deep tones of movie explosions and such. Over the years I have developed an affinity for adding and doing what most say is "just too much". I guess I will start by listing my system specs and what not. My "main" receiver, I relate to my main as it the central "processor if you will, as I use seperate amps for about every component for each surround application per channel, if that makes sense. The sony 7.1 channel main with subwoofer preout, runs all the other recievers, I use seperate sony recievers for the center, the rear surround, and mid rear. So essentially that is 3 sony recievers, used as amps to boost and control volumes of all the seperate channels. Why might one do this you might ask, I run mostly car audio smaller mids and highs in smaller cabinets, each consist of dual 6 inch midrange, and 3 inch dome tweeters, in all cases for each channel, which consists of a combined 12 (6 inch) midranges, and 6 (3 inch) dome tweeters. They are all wired in a series circuit, which after testing resistance load at each channels of the amp is roughly 7.6 ohms, depending on the distance of speaker wire running to each, which I figure is close enough to an 8 ohm load used in normal home audio applications. All the mids and highs are Chrome Audio, and they are crisp and clear, absolutly love them. Moving on to the rest of the system, I am running a Pyle-Pro PQA3100 to a set of Cerwin Vega MX 400s, however the subs have been removed and replaced with Audio Pipe car audio 15 s, which are 4 ohm, these are running parallel to the Pyle amp for a 2 ohm load, which at a 2 ohm load, bridged is 1520 + 1520 Watts @ 2 Ohms, I use this set up for my front left and right set ups, the subs are wired seperately, box boxes are sporting 8 inch Chrome Audio Mids and 2(3 inch) chrome audio dome tweeters run off another Sony reciever crossed over at 120 K. We love the MX 400 boxes(as these are what started the bass trend), they are perfect for what we call mid bass which is around 40 - 60 k hz. The audio pipes call for a bigger port, however with the box tuned the way it is, it is perfect for those notes. Now down to the custom Bass module. I am currently running 4(15 inch) audio pipe subwoofers. The amp for these subs are a planet audio(yes car audio amp) which is rated at 4,700 watts. How to run car audio amp at home? Simple I have a 100 amp set down transformer, running a Gel Cell battery, 2 one farad capacitors. The subs of the bass module are in one long box, that points at the floor, they all fire in one enclosure(as they are running mono off the amp) and a huge bass port tuned at 30 HZ. One would probably wonder why I would have so much, however I have rather enjoyed building this system from the ground up, my kids love it, not to mention I can do a (hair trick) to my wife when she sits on the couch 10 foot away. If your not familiar with a hair trick, that is where the bass or air moves girls hair like they using a hair dryer lol. My question and philosophy is that I want to learn more about Transmission Enclosures. From what I can understand they are much more accurate, now considering I am running 6 15s in my home audio, I don't need any more bass, what I am currently striving for is more accurate bass. What I am looking for is a transmission box that could house my 4 15 s that I currently use as a bass module, however can't really find much information nor plans for something of this magnitude, I would obviously like the box to be tuned at 30hz, with 30hz, for my calculations tuned at 30 hz a transmission box would be roughly 108 inches long, however am kind of lost on the calculations, so if someone has any insight to this, I would love to hear it. Thank you for your time and reading my post.