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  1. great thanks very much!!
  2. SWEET!! thanks Alan! I looked around and found a referbished one for $500 taxes in online. the cheapest i could find around here (me) was 999.99 i heard it in store and loved it. simply cannot wait. just a side note....i found that the reciever got really warm of very little play time.... i heard this is very common with onkyo recievers.,.,, what are some ways that you guys in the buisiness combat that problem? fans?
  3. heres the link to the website with all the specs: http://www.onkyo.ca/Products/model.php?m=HT-S7500&class=Systems
  4. I came across this on the web and it caught my eye. from what i hear about Onkyo is that they make good stuff and i cant find a bad review about it. i know its a 7.1 but i will most likely be using it as a 2-3.1 for the time being until i can fit it in a large enough room to run 5+ speakers. what do you guys think of this Home Theatre in a box?
  5. thank you! great simple answer
  6. Many questions have tonnes of views but no responces. This leads people to think why should I post if no one will help me
  7. hey im looking to buy a new system and i was wondering how you deside if you like the speakers/receivers in the store. is there a particular sound track that you bring with you? if so what is it? do you bring any sort of music or movie clip? will be shopping around soon so i would just like any suggestions thanks
  8. I'd like to buy a basic Home Theater in a box type setup for around 500$. I know for that price it won't be a spectacular set up and I'm OK with that but I'd like to get some bang for my buck. I don't want anything to harsh or bright. Main concern is clear and decent quality sound. Linear and low output on the subwoofer and a half decent kick. I'm probably gonna buy something on clearance or on sale at a local store. I have a few questions: What are some good brands? Yamaha,onkyo,klipsch,pioneer, cerwin Vega Sony...? Can a 5.1 in a box set up be run at 2.1? Or would money be better spent on towers? What are some main features to look at when buying such a setup? I'm sure I will think of more questions later on.....
  9. As stated I am wanting to build all the enclosures for speakers and sub woofer. I have a budget of around 500$ but can be bigger if i can justify it I will be buying most/all of what i need on black friday I'm a bit of a noob with home audio so bear with me here. I currently only have the TV, some if not all the cables required, and some MDF and need the rest. Sub: I am seriously considering buying the Soundqubed SDC 2.0 10". parameters can be found here: (http://www.soundqubed.com/NEW-Street-Duty-SDC20-8-D4-Subwoofer_p_69.html) reason being i love the way they look, its cheap, and id love to throw it into my car one day. Amp: I was looking at the Bash 300W plate amp since ive heard some good things about it and its cheap. Here's the info: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=300-750. One thing I'm not so sure I will get along with is the auto on/off feature. If there is another amp that doesn't have this in the same price range I'm all ears. Receiver: I have absolutely no idea on which to choose. is there any receivers that have give an amplified signal to the speakers? Speakers: Also have no idea. I assume full range would be the way to go. Crossovers: Also no idea. I'm not sure what else I would need but if I missed anything please let me know!
  10. Hey guys! I'm a recent member of SSA and smd forums. Im new into the game with just over a year under my belt. Still got ALOT to learn! Wich is exactly why I'm here. Soon I will be starting on my berry first home theater/music set up so I will be needing some help