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    Dear friends, I don't know how to start this introductory, I'll make this story short, but here goes, I'm an asian, residing here in the Philippines, and I love music, especially speakers. I've been working at our family business of music industry (speakers), I work on frequencies on different speakers and tweeters, Our company designs professional audio system,and markets it. with our senior sound specialist (my uncle) who is very dedicated to his work. Speakers are passion for me and my uncle, in 3 years my uncle had developed a 7 way ribbon planar speaker system with handling power of 8,000 WRMS. We have designed Professional hi-fiydelity speaker. As you may know professional speakers are loud and aggressive and Hi-fi speakers are clear but has a limited power only. Combining Hi-fi and professional is not an easy thing to do, still he managed to finish the job. You might be thinking, its full of crap or something, but this is true! Ive heard lots of hifi speakers and pro audio speakers, and nothing could compare the system we had design. With its power and clarity I listen to it for 5 hours and its not even enough and I don't get tired listening to it. Applications: -Church -Home Audio -Auditoriums -Clubs -Bars a masterpiece that had been invented for passion and desire for sound quality. I am very sorry for my poor english. Thank you for reading.