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    like mentioned above, they upgraded the board and bought the same skin that we have. Still think ours looks better, I rebuilt the sidebar backgrounds, and rebuilt some css code to widen the board. judge for yourselves...
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    Yes, high frequency roll-off can be a problem due to inductance, especially at the low impedance of most loudspeakers. I wouldn't use lampcord for anything but a lamp... But that's just me.... The main problem I always see with coax for loudspeakers is the coax always has a higher impedance than interwoven, multi-strand cable (like my favorite inexpensive loudspeaker cables made from 100 pair solid copper phone cabling). This is where Kimber has some good ideas.... Idealy, you want to see a low charactoristic impednace when you are talking loudspeaker cable, but I think that isn't the most important aspect...
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    It's kind of funny that Goob's constantly fucking with the skins and layout but won't fix any of the actual problems with that forum. Which is the reason ca.com sucks and SSA/HAF forums don't