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Aaron Clinton

{Rss} Transparent Interconnects

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Is this for real? $2500 for a 1' RCA interconnect cable?

This story talks about calibrating the cables for different amps and pre-amp combos. What the???

Their pricing guide:

I received this link from an apparent audio review site:

A Happy Pre-Owned Transparent Tale

Brian found an almost new pair of 1-meter Transparent Balanced Reference Interconnect listed on Audiogon at a great price. He jumped at the chance.

When he hooked them up to his Krell system, though, they just didn't sound right. He was almost ready to send them back for a refund when his friend asked him if he had the cables calibrated for his system.

“Calibrated? What?!”

“Call Transparent, and tell them your serial number. They’ll know what components were intended to be used with your cable.”

Brian called Transparent. He told Demos, Transparent’s customer service guru, the model and serial number of his cables and told him he had a Krell system.

Demos called Brian back with the info: “When we built those cables, they were optimized for an Audio Research preamp and amp. No wonder the cables didn’t sound right in your system. The ARC system has totally different impedance characteristics from Krell components. You need to take your cables to a Transparent dealer and have them returned to us for calibration. You have 2 options: basic calibration or certification.”

“What’s the difference and what does each cost? “ Brian asked.

“Basic calibration for Reference Balanced Interconnects would be $350. Certification includes calibration, new packaging, and a warranty. The warranty will give you upgrade privileges and future calibrations will be no charge. Certification for your cables would be $700. Your closest dealer would be Paragon Sight and Sound in Ann Arbor. Their phone number is 734-662-3595.”

To make a long story short, Brian opted to get his cables certified, and they sound great. When he visited Paragon, he heard a system similar to his own with Transparent used throughout. The system really sang.

Brian is now talking to Larry at Paragon about a pair of Factory Certified Pre-Owned Transparent Reference Speaker Cables and perhaps a digital cable and a few power cords.

To find out more about Transparent products and Transparent’s programs that are designed with happy customers in mind, click <here.>

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