First Home Audio System, Need Help And A List!

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So I'm pretty new to the home audio topic but I do know some basics. I am looking to get some wireless surround sound speakers for the TV in our living room but also want to get wireless/bluetooth outdoor speakers too. To add slightly more complexity I was hoping to be able to bluetooth/dock an iPod/computer/cd player into the whole system. So to explain this in a map style...

iPod/cd player/computer ---                
                         TV --- receiver --- living room speakers


                                           --------------Out door speakers


I would assume a receiving is needed almost as a junction point to output to the speakers from various points (ipod, cd player, computer, tv, et) which would also regulate which speakers are getting outputted to (don't always want to output to outdoor speakers).


Any suggestions or help or confirmation if this works this way? Anything?? Also names of each piece so I can find them on various sites/stores. Thank you!!!

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So you need the speakers to be wireless?  That is the hard/expensive part.  If you can get wiring outside, it is almost worth the hassle.  What are you willing to spend.  A reliable wireless audio connection is going to cost you regardless.  Bluetooth is not a reliable means of transporting media, unless its less than 10 feet.  


Here is a recent thread with someone looking for something similar.



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The problem with "wireless" is it is great when it works. It's when you find out it won't work that sucks. Bluetooth speakers notoriously sound bad compared to most affordable "passive" speakers requiring a separate amplifier to do the job.

Most HT installers will not recommend wireless. Remember, wireless still require a plug, in your case of a rear set, possibly 2 outlets. Now if they are not there, get ready to bend over to add them.

The better and most reliable that I would recommend would be in-wall or bookshelf speakers in the rear, wired from the reciever to the speaker in the floors/ceiling to adjacent wall.

Bluetooth would be a waist of time in your yard, you would be better off running wires to the outside of this system. But I think it would be cheaper and easier to buy another stereo all together for outside. Just my thought. Running speaker wire that handle being berried gets mucho expensive. Then again if you don't have a shed or walk out basement, what would you do with a stereo. 

This is where a classic boombox works fine to. How did I get to a boombox? Lol!

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