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I'm currently using a Denon DRA-775RD, but I've found a decent price on a McIntosh MA6100. I'm willing to spend the money, but am I really going to notice a difference in sound quality? Would the older McIntosh even be an upgrade over the Denon? I guess it comes down to solid state vs IC's. I'm using primarily for listening to vinyl.


How's the reliability of the 40 year old Macs?

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Keep the Denon they give supperb sound . When your Denon dies get it repaired .

That is my honest opinion .If you want to upgrade , upgrade your speakers .

if they are not the best. A Mac amp is a waste , and downgrade you wouldnt be able to get replacement parts as they are too old now .If you do a side by side test the Denon would sound a little better ......................Alan :dance:

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