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Home Audio Solution

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Onkyo 5600 7.1 Home Audio System in a box

Two Speakers with copper wire ran from the kitchen to living room

Two Speakers with copper wires ran from the rec room

One "two channel" speaker ( Not sure what that means ) in the master bathroom same copper wire run 


Ideally, I would like to be able from my iphone/ipad turn off/on speakers ( not necessarily change sources  ) to any of the five speakers and my surround sound system. 


The Onkyo 5600 doesn't support digital out to zone 2 


I have all sources via hdmi running into the Onkyo and then use hdmi out to go to the tv 


The scenario I would like to solve most importantly is to be able to play music from either iphone/ipad/apple tv to both 7.1 speakers and speakers in kitchen at the same time.


I was thinking using the HDMI out on the onkyo to go another device that could then send output to either the TV ( obv video + audio )  + or kitchen,master bath, or rec room speaks ( obv just audio ).  This immediately made me think of Sonos, but I couldn't tell from their website what solution would work for me.



Any assistance for this obviously Home Audio newb would be much appreciated 



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If it doesn't support switching speakers wirelessly, then you need to find a reciever that does. You may be able to find a zoned speaker switch that switches wirelessly. But I'm sure it would cost as much as a reciever.

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