Pioneer Vsx 43 Won't Detect Sub! Crazy Story. Please Help

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Here's my situation, and I hope someone can assist. I just had a new pioneer VSX 43 receiver installed along with some inwalls and a new tv. I figured I'd install the sub because it's just 1 cable from the sub out on the receiver to the sub... Right? I went and purchased a Definitive sub, plugged it in, ran the test tones and got nothing. Tried manually changing the setting in the receiver to SUB: Yes, still no test tones. I called ABT since they installed the receiver and was told it must be a bad sub. I insisted it was brand new but we ran through all of the tests and it didn't work. So, I ran upstairs and grabbed my Energy sub, brought it downstairs, plugged it in and viola, it worked. Test tones ran so I concluded I had a bad sub. Ran to the store, returned the Definitive and bought a B&W. Came home, plugged it in... Nothing! It doesn't work either. What am I doing wrong? There is no way that I got 2 bad subs. Something is funky with this new receiver. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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