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Need Help In Building 5.1 Surround Sound System!

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Hey guys!

My house burned down in March of this year and it's finally being done rebuilding, we'll be moving in on the 21st, such a nice Christmas present! Anyways, so I need a 5.1 Surround sound system for my computer that has a good sound card with Digital Input.

This is my sound card :

So I've been looking and I don't want to pay for big brand names like Sony and Samsung, etc... I wanted to know your idea on more underground companies that produce as good, if not better products that these companies for a better price???

I can probably put something like 500 CAD$ Shipped or not is going to be determined depending on what you guys give me as ideas!

I currently have my eyes on this, is this any good?

The main purpose of this system is Music (Heavy Metal / Death / Melodic type of music) and also 3D sound gaming.

Thank you for your insight and I hope you guys can provide me with enough information this week so I can maybe buy it on the weekend!

Thanks again! :)


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Looks like a nice sounds card.

I've never heard of the brand you linked us too. How much are you looking to spend all together?

You could probably piece a system together for a similar price. Especially if you look used.

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