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Aaron Clinton

{RSS}Klipsch R-820F Overview

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Got a pair of these delivered last night, from Best Buy. On sale, at a bargain price with free delivery.

I have been breaking them in over the last 24 hours. I am shocked at how good these sound. Almost on par with my larger, and much more expensive VMPS Towers. The lower octaves come through with full authority, much better than a pair of 8” woofers have any right to!

The upper range such as bells, horns, trumpets, etc., are clear, and vibrant, never muddied.

These speakers are are very dynamic, and the 1812 Overture really makes these shine.

To call these speakers a bargain is the understatement of the century! These rival the other speakers in my collection, most of which are higher priced by several multiples.

Go get a’ll be glad you did. And your checking account will be glad too.

edit: After more listening, the overall balance of these speakers, from top to bottom, is extremely smooth. While they go deep, it does not detract from the upper end clarity that is there in spades.

My reference speakers are the much more expensive (and larger) VMPS Tower II SE’s. These were about 1/5th the cost, yet the 820's perform nearly as well overall.

I keep listening, and I keep getting blown away at the performance of the 820’s. At this price point, almost anyone can put together an audiophile system, and on a budget that will not break the bank.

And that should keep the wife happy too!

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