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Know How To Stuff Your Box

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Gooday When you build your speaker box ever wondered what the right amount of stuffing to put in it?????.

Well , I can let you into a secret only a few and LARGE and well known speaker builders know .

Burn your computer after reading this /.

The amount of stuffing is 1------1.3 times the weight of air inside the box.:)

So, a 10 cu ft box is 1.3 x10 x, .0807=about .1 lb of stuffing (it is not critical)

Lambs wool,polly ,underfelt, whatever within reason will do .

I usually use polly insulation bats , the are verv cheap, clean, and not messy .

What ever you do do not use fibreglass batts ,I wont even let them into my home as the fibres under a microscope are hooked , very simular to abestos!!!!

So happy stuffing.


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