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Speaker sag?

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When I 1st started out with putting together my own modest stereo system back in the early '70's, I bought a pair of good ol' 12" 3 way speakers.  My 1st pair were the "acoustic suspension" type.  They did not last long.  I have since become a loyal fan of the "bass reflex"  3 ways.  (I've gone through a few pairs of those due to feedback thru the tone arm).  Fast forward 40 years to today.  I bought a pair of Polk TSx550T's last year and couldn't be happier with them.  I remember hearing, back in the olden days,  that you should turn your speakers upside down every 6-12 months to prevent the woofer from sagging.  Has anyone ever heard of that?  I never bought into that idea.  And flipping my Polks upside down would look kind of stupid with their feet in the air.  Just wondering if any one does this these days.

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