Looking for a new stereo receiver but need suggestions.

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Hey guys (Happy holidays btw) , I'm looking for a new stereo receiver, I have a 20 watt Colby CX-CD377 micro CD stereo paired up with an Infinity BU-1 60 watt subwoofer (which I want to keep using) and one Aiwa SX-N330 3 way bass reflex speaker. The reason I only have one connected is because the Colby won't no longer play with two speakers.. so it's all mono haha, I had not much of a problem with that but my main reason for posting this is that the wire on the plug for the Colby has been exposed (the part right before the base for the prongs)..and I'm not trying to have a house fire you know haha. So I'd figure it's about time for me to buy a new receiver, thing is it has to have speaker level connections (since that's how the whole system is hooked up..the sub does have RCA connections but the speaker does not) and an MP3/AUX connection since I don't use actual CD's that much and play the music from my phone off to the stereo.

I know my whole setup sounds kinda janky but it works pretty good.

Something under $120 would be nice.

Not really looking for a specific brand as long as it will be reliable in terms of quality.


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I'd say maybe look into the craigslist market and find a nice vintage.  


Otherwise check out Parts express.  Lots of good items on there for good prices.  

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