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Found 2 results

  1. Hey just thought I'd post a Forum on my current system and update as i go and add on to it. This is current system to date of 5/23/2013: Receiver: Yamaha HTR-6050 5.1 Channel Equalizer: Pioneer Graphic Equalizer SG-9500 5 Disc CD Changer: Technics SL-PD9 Dynamic Processor: Pioneer Dynamic Processor RG-1 Bookshelf Speakers: 1) Bose 301 V Series 2) two pair of Realistic Minimus-7 Tower Speakers: S-DAT (don't no model) Sub-woofer: BIC America (don't know either) Addons: Xbox 360, Laptop, Phone(HTC ONE X) Speaker Cable: Monster XP Stand: SANUS 5 Shelf stereo rack TV: Samsung 40" LED 240hz 1080p Thin Smart TV Notes: *Currently I don't have the Dynamic Processor connected because its unneeded and just causes me more interference so does more harm then good. *Actually bought the receiver and tower speakers and sub for 125 as a bundle on craigslist in my local town and all I cared about was the receiver so that's why I don't know the model number of the tower speakers and sub. To-do's: 1) New Sub (YST-SW315) 2) New tower speakers (Yamaha NS-F150) 3) New Receiver (RX-V673) 4) Logitech Harmony Remote 5) Center Channel speaker 6) High Quality Cables(Blue Jeans AudioQuest) Will post pics and update later -Koshiii 5/23/2013
  2. Hello all, I'm new to the forum and apologize in advance if this isn't the correct placement for this post. Mods, feel free to move at your discretion. The question I have is for my Dad, he has tasked me with finding a solution and I thought a forum like this might be a good place to get real world advice or insight. Anyways, he recently re-did his back patio and put two speakers out there for entertaining. His issue is that he wants to hook them up to his stereo receiver in his den and wants to be able to control them specifically. So for instance, right now he's watching TV and doesn't need the whole neighborhood hearing him. But if he's entertaining, he wants to be able to put on one of the DirecTV music channels and have that playing at the very least outside but ideally inside too through all speakers. So, the big question is this: is this possible, and how do we do this? This may be a really basic/stupid question for all I know. I was looking through the instruction booklet to the receiver and it does mention a multi-zone set up, but it appears that requires a second receiver and I think we really want to avoid that. Also, the receiver is the Yamaha RX-V659. Not sure if that is an issue or not. If anybody can help, thanks in advance.