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Found 5 results

  1. II need help. My receiver out puts 70 watts my speakers can handle 20 to 250 watts of power. when i turn up the sound half way they sound like crap why? My receiver is a pioneer stereo receiver SX-253R and my speakers are polk audio monitor 10 series there older.
  2. So I recently brought a JBL Eon 15 and are using a M-Audio MobilePre mk II to send the sound through. The problem is that I can't seem to find a way to connect my sub to the the M-Audio. Just curious if there are any cords that I need? Any help on this issue would be awesome thanks!
  3. I have a small Sharp Xl-dk257 that I have connected to my Samsung 6000 series LED via 1/8" aux cable. The sound is actually pretty good given the cheap system, except that I noticed a loud buzzing sound during certain parts of my Avengers blu ray movie. It happens even at low volume. It sounds as if the movie is either overloading the preamp at times or it is sending it frequencies it can't handle. It is not a low level hum, but a loud midrange frequency buzzing sound. It doesn't happen on just my TV speakers. I've changed the aux cable, but still have the same problem. Any suggestions? If I crank the volume I don't get any distortion and I can barely hear the buzzing, likely because it is masked by the bass.
  4. I recently had an installer come by my house and he is recommending Niles Speakers for my rears (surround) and also for the other rooms in my home I plan on installing (Dining Room, Florida Room, Front Porch, Pool, Living Room). This company was recommended by a few friends, but no one seems to know much about these speakers. Anyone with experience? Good or bad? Thanks
  5. I recently bought an MTX Audio ThunderPro2 speaker from Best Buy. My intention with this speaker was to be able to crank some loud music in my room. However, I recieved this speaker in the mail today and was very confused. Please take into consideration that I am a total ammature with speakers like this. Every speaker set I've ever owned came with an electrical cord in the back, plug into the wall and your set. So, I guess I expected the same from this speaker. Silly me. So here I am opening this speaker and I realize there is no cord. After several minutes of rifling through the cardboard and plastic, I came to a conclusion that there are NO CORDS! So i quickly jumped online with the customer service at MTX Audio and he brought to my attention that i need an amplifier. Bottom line, I have less than $100.00 to spend on this amplifier thing. My speaker has 400 watt peak power handling. Where can I get a good amplifier for under $100 to suit my needs?? Thanks to anyone who takes time to respond to this. To see more specs and get a better feel as to what I am dealing with, I will conclude this post with the link to my speaker.