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Found 1 result

  1. New member here and i was wanting to get some advice from some people who are somewhat audiophiles but at the same time know how to keep the price of the system not too high. im designing my system for my smallish room that i live in. i want it to be atleast 2.1 with towers but im trying to get 5.1 without it being htib. im 19 and although i know a good bit about headphones i dont know anything about home audio much. but anyways the system i want to use will be used primarily for gaming, movies, sports, and music. I want my setup to have lots of bass and i am currently on a $700 to $800 budget although i can get a little higher or lower. I have chose some speakers and i would like to hear any recommendations and personal thoughts about what i have chosen to use. well with no further ado. here goes: Center: Bookshelf/ rear speakers: Sub: front/towers: Receiver :