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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all! I'm fairly new to home audio, but I have been working with personal recording studios for months now, and I'm glad I found this forum. I will join in on the discussions and offer my advice to the best of my abilities...everyone has to start somewhere, right? You can call me mon.arc or just arc if you prefer.
  2. New member here and i was wanting to get some advice from some people who are somewhat audiophiles but at the same time know how to keep the price of the system not too high. im designing my system for my smallish room that i live in. i want it to be atleast 2.1 with towers but im trying to get 5.1 without it being htib. im 19 and although i know a good bit about headphones i dont know anything about home audio much. but anyways the system i want to use will be used primarily for gaming, movies, sports, and music. I want my setup to have lots of bass and i am currently on a $700 to $800 budget although i can get a little higher or lower. I have chose some speakers and i would like to hear any recommendations and personal thoughts about what i have chosen to use. well with no further ado. here goes: Center: Bookshelf/ rear speakers: Sub: front/towers: Receiver :
  3. Hi everyone, first time poster so go easy on me. I grew up listening to music on a pair of Klipschorns and a Carver amp. Was my dads setup. Unfortunately, I'm not technical enough to tell you model #'s or much else, all I know is I loved that stereo. Im moving into a new house and would like to set up the perfect home stereo. My father passed a few months ago and its kind of in his honor. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Large 2 story house (no basement) with 4 bedrooms and large garage... Also has close neighbors that look like the kind of neighbors that would call the cops on you for loud music. Something I grew up with, but am trying to avoid now. As far as sound proofing and sound optimization, would the garage be the best way to go or one of the bedrooms or livingrooms? Other than the master, the bedrooms are maybe 12 to 14ft and pretty much square. The garage is somewhere around 25 ft by 10ft on the longest side. the garage is like an L I really want Klipschorns again, either 2 or 4, but am open to suggestions if someone thinks theres better out there. What kind of amp do I need to power these speakers? I'm willing to spend 15-20k, so i feel like that should get me the best stereo anyones ever seen, but maybe im wrong I like mostly rock, specifically classic rock, at extremely loud, clean levels. I walked into my local audio store and had him write me up a quote on a pair of klipschorns, a carver 1600 watt amp, THX select2 plus 7.2 av receiver ( I think the brand started with an I but it wasnt insignia ), a BBE sonic maximizer and an apple brand transport ipod dock and it was about $10,800. Am i looking good here? Is this going to be the dream home stereo? Is this what you would get if you were going to buy your dream stereo? Thanks for reading