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Found 2 results

  1. I would greatly appreciate everyone's opinion. I am in the process of trying to construct my new home audio/theater setup. We just moved into our new home and I am trying to find the best setup. The location of the home audio equipment will be in the basement of our rambler. The basement has one very large room (approx. 750 sq ft). It currently is a finished basement that is roughly square in shape that leads into a hallway and a couple bedrooms. I plan on using the space mainly for movie (action mostly) and music listening. I would mostly listen to classic rock and want something that will make me feel like i am in concert with the Eagles, Pink Floyd, etc, you name it! Anyway, my budget is around 2k-2.5k which will need to include a 5.1 setup and include the receiver. The setup I am thinking of mostly includes Polk speakers. Here is what I am thinking of Receiver - Denon AVR-1913 Front L/R - Polk TSi500 Center - Polk CS20 Rear L/R - Polk OWM3 Sub - Polk PSW125 I really like how the reciever has networking capability and can link up to Spotify. That way I can listen to whatever I want, whenever I want. Based on what I want to use the home audio for, is my setup okay? Am I missing any key components? Any help is very much welcomed, please feel free to tear it apart or offer suggestions. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can offer pictures to help.
  2. I recently had an installer come by my house and he is recommending Niles Speakers for my rears (surround) and also for the other rooms in my home I plan on installing (Dining Room, Florida Room, Front Porch, Pool, Living Room). This company was recommended by a few friends, but no one seems to know much about these speakers. Anyone with experience? Good or bad? Thanks