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  1. Try 2 The wire is very plain with a fancy plug.....Alan How else are they going to fit 29 pins in an inch wide connector lol
  2. I use for most of my cabling needs.
  3. If your projector comes with HDMI.. you should be using that vs component.
  4. The tough part about 3D technology is that nothing is set as far as what technology to use yet. There are like 5 different types of glasses you could use. No manufacturer has addressed if their particular TV will be compatible with all of the types of 3D either. And then comes the need to make your entire system 3D compatible. My understanding thus far is that the 3D image will use a different variation of the HDMI standard. Which means you'll need a new receiver, a new DVD player/BluRay player, and or a new projector vs TV. Seems like a giant mess still. I'm sure it'll all work out eventually, but just like when HDDVD and BluRay were battling it out, now is NOT the time to buy. But hey, if you do want to buy right now, here's a sweet deal on a 73" DLP
  5. Birfday birfday longfield day!
  6. He's cheating!
  7. I was trying to be sneaky
  8. Gooday John:: , I have a lot of surround sound cds but i never use them as such . I am talking about listening to music not watching movies . Sure surround is perfect for movies . Alan If the original album/concert was recorded in surround sound, they actually can sound quite impressive. However, remakes of stereo albums that simply add BGV's and reverb and cymbal splashes to the surround speakers always come off fake and rather odd sounding.
  9. You're missing the point of surround sound. It's not for listening to music. Surround sound is for helping you imagine you're immersed in the movie with sound all around you.
  10. The Behringer is a bit hissy on the output side. A little harder to configure as well.
  11. Mark ended up taking care of it with a new main board. Works like new!
  12. Goob is such a fucker
  13. QSC CX502 Amplifier - eBay (item 260534184670 end time Jan-13-10 16:31:21 PST) Jump on that one quick. Smoking deal for that amp. It offers 600w @ 4ohms bridged and has built in clip filters. Unfortunately, the built in crossovers are only selectable HPF, but can be disabled. This means you'll need to send the amp a pre-processed signal.
  14. It's not HDCP compliant. PNY Video, but no audio will pass through HDMI. On another note, if you are asking if it's physically capable of BD playback, I'm unsure.