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  1. Anyone have experience with this model OS-10 from Niles? Curious to know if it's worth it to them pick up from my local pawn shop. I'm guessing these are around 7-8 years old. Would like to hear any comments from those who have these. Would plan to mount under the soffit on the deck. The freq range is a bit narrow with 75 Hz - 21000 kHz. Sensitivity, 89 dB. Impedance, 8 ohm. Behind its narrow grille is a sealed, two-way system with a 1-inch dome tweeter and a 5.25-inch woofer—both of which are rear-mounted drivers. The OS-10 is just a tad bigger than the Boston Acoustics Voyager Pro and about average in efficiency. Niles is a very popular brand with custom installers, and features like drainage channels around the input terminals, a hole for the speaker wire in the included U-shaped bracket, and prethreaded inserts for alternate brackets are some of the reasons why. At a little over 6.5 pounds, it's one of the lightest speakers of this bunch—an important factor when mounting up high.
  2. I had never heard of Daber Audio before the auction, and I must admit that the aesthetic of the speakers had a lot to do with me bidding on them. It was pretty easy to do the math and realise I had paid a less than what it actually cost to produce these speakers, so I had no real worries about getting a fair deal. The build quality is awesome! And they are absolutely gorgeous in person! I've had quite a bit of correspondance with Daber Audio's founder Steve Brown, and he's a great guy. He's an audio geek like us, and has been a lot of fun to talk gear with. Steve mentioned to me that he thought the speakers sounded best with the domed mids at ear level, and indeed I came to the same conclusion. The standouts for me are the imaging and soundstage. Those are two characteristics that are most important to me with speakers. And that is the main reason I've owned mostly two way bookshelf speakers. The exception are the ESS AMT 1Ds I once owned, and the Heil air motion transformer on those had fantastic imaging and soundstage. The 12" woofer and 12" passive radiator was a little wooly however. I've been known to sacrifice bass in favor of imaging, and I really don't like loose bass. The 8" woofer of the M3 is a particularly good choice IMO. It has enough bass to satisfy all but the cronic bassheads, but is fast and tight as bass should be. I haven't even bothered to integrate my two 10" powered subs yet. I'm also a mids guys, and admittedly I think I've lost some of my ability to hear the upper most frequencies, due to my job. These have glorious midrange, and are somewhat reminiscent of the K1000 in that regard.
  3. This item is for an ORIGINAL 1996 PIONEER service manual for the RX-590 , RX-590S and RX-390 model HOME STEREO DOUBLE CASSETTE DECK RECEIVER STEREO SYSTEM. HUGE 95 Pages. This service manual is in good shape for its age and fully intact. Front and back cover has some stains/creases. Has some corner and edge wear. Inside pages are very clean with no writing found. Schematic diagrams are in good shape, one diagram has a tear.Shipping anywhere in the USA is FREE on this item. Orders outside USA, please add $4 to cover shipping cost. Thank-you for your interest in my item.