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  1. Nice RG 6 is pretty cheap and I have all the tools! Just simple RCA connector? Thanks for putting the time into it for me! I appreciate it.
  2. Ok so I have been reasearching all day and i am really confused now.... I am an ET in the Navy so I can crimp, solder, etc So I was just going to make the coax from PC to Reciever but I can't tell if its just an RG6 cable with a "rca" connector on it or if I should just buy a standard RCA cable and RCA connectors. I used a "too short" RCA cable I have laying around and hooked it up and set the output to digital RCA on the PC and it sounded AWESOME. Also.... for my XBOX360: I noticed on the TV it has only a Optical Digital OUT and the port on the receiver would be open for that as well so should I do that instead of the two channel RCA I have going now? Would the HDMI to TV to optical receiver not be effective???
  3. Ok so I see that. So which is better going about 6-8 ft? Figure the digital coax?
  4. I have been mulling around how to improve my setup. What I want to happen: Download my movies in blueray format or 1080p HD and I bring up my TV and put VLC on that "monitor" and select the input on my reciever and have 5.1 surround sound. Currently: I do the above BUT I pull the PC speakers from the front headphone jack and that automatically switches the output to the rear headphone jack and select the input on the reciever. More mechanical and isn't that great of quality going over a normal headphone jack. So first the PC: Custom Windows 7 with a P55 sli moboard (using onboard audio) and two nvidia 9800GTX+'s. I have heard I can set up the audio on the moboard to go out to the video cards and go over the hdmi dvi cable but then I wouldn't be able to use the PC speakers without going into the far as I know. Moboard has (SEE PIC) Lastly the Reciever: Sony digital audio video control center str-k740p (see pic) Thanks guys!