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  1. Spikes would be a great way, but you could easily make a similar method out of wood for a base. You don't necessarily need true spikes, just smaller contact area.
  2. What sort of machining are you looking to be able to do? Have you looked at catalogs such as Enco and Shars? They normally have lower cost (quality too) machining tools, they aren't the best quality but certainly work just fine. Their Phase II? quick change tool posts seem to work fine, not an Aloris, but not the price tag either. Would you be interested in HSS tools? I've got a pile of HSS that I would be willing to get rid of. Let me look in my pile of tooling to see if I even have anything that is MT#1, little small for most things, I think the smallest I have is #2. They make 1-2 adapters but I don't know if you have the bed length to really utilize one. Another place to look for good tooling is aircraft surplus places, but normally it is all big stuff, I've never seen anything small there. We have bought quite a few items out of Spirit and you can find ridiculous deals if you know what to look for.
  3. What sort of metal working tools are you looking for?
  4. I don't think I'm 'underweight', but sure wouldn't hurt to put on some pounds and get in better shape.
  5. Thats a crap ton of protein intake.
  6. Another spammer bites the dust.
  7. Fried catfish please.
  8. PhD's are supposed to have application based knowledge?
  9. My Incredible hardly ever crashes, use to give me problems when it was new but after about 2 weeks it worked fine. I don't have a problem with call quality either, you just seem to have bad luck with things like phones and Chevy trucks Sean. Then again, I have a feeling you are on your phone about 10x more than I am.
  10. Well hell, if they sound halfway decent thats cheaper than I could build. Put me down for two of the CF6's and one CF44
  11. Drinking and waiting on the woman to come back from the grocery store.
  12. I'm intrigued.
  13. Mmmmm, sexy.
  14. Interested in hearing about it.