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  1. I let the dust burn off the tubes naturally.
  2. *yawn*
  3. Quarterly poast
  4. Somebody convince me that an early '80s 911 is a horrible idea.
  5. The member base never really came back
  6. Grown up? Bullshit. I'm getting the urge to go back to school strongly, though...
  7. I've been trying to get you to another forum for years Although to be honest, it's been months since I've regularly posted on the forums I used to...haven't done shit with audio lately. Between several-thousand-$ dentist bills and the motorcycle search I've just been happy to leave it the way it is.
  8. Speaking about Biamp...just had UPS drop off 60 Nexias, lulz You'll find that there are people more into video, audio or control systems...everybody seems to have their own thing they get into even though they may be familiar with the other two worlds.
  9. We've used mostly Biamp for programmable mic mixers/DSPs. From what I've seen, that's mostly what we use too. Nexia and Audia series processors. I have seen a couple Peavy Architectural Acoustic series processors, but I think we are mostly BIAMP now. What do you use for acoustic measuring software? Acoustic measuring, lawlz We've got a few NTI handheld analyzers, but most of the time they're not setting up these rooms to be all that great acoustically, if you can do audio conferencing and VTC without noticeable echoes or feedback it's good enough it seems. CEOs don't like corner traps and diffusers in their boardrooms Where the money is spent is video configuration, we've got a few Sencore pieces for color balancing screens.
  10. We've used mostly Biamp for programmable mic mixers/DSPs.
  11. And if you're going out in the field, just remember that for every project there's an end user that swears they know more about your job than you, the contract, and the SOW, lulz
  12. Schools decide they want $1.5M worth of A/V capability for $20,000, and oh yeah, they want it functional by next week because they come back from summer break.
  13. Good to hear it, I'm in the same industry Little warning, though...HOW (house of worship) and school projects are both the black sheep of the commercial A/V world, lol. Very demanding schedules, not very deep pockets usually
  14. Meh, mileage is sketchy on both locally, but still might be an option if everything else doesn't pan out...first choice is still a '71 R75, need to call the seller tomorrow to see if he's still selling it
  15. For gaudy, could always do this... lawl