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  1. Before I post pics, I must go over a few problems and try to fix them. Measured 80w RMS from amp...remember... So with that much power (5 sec sines), I was not impressed with the sonosub on the left side of the room (same with the old sub). I tried moving it closer and closer to the corner next. It gave everything quite a shake, but I still did not hear the deep bass. So... the next morning I tried 'crawling' for bass, with an improvement in the sense I could then hear bass to 27hz, but then created a null problem 40-45hz. A lot of my purpose for this building was sub-40 bass, especially sub-30 and even more so sub-25. At 80w, 35hz is surprisingly quiet. 30hz is somewhat okay. 25hz is not detectable, save for the noise from the subwoofer, 20hz is the same deal, 15hz same deal, 12-13hz I finally get some pressure on my ears. Another problem is localizing it. I have a crossover of 50hz, but I very obviously hear the bass coming from the right. I have this problem at any frequency (with any sub I have used in this room), save for 12-13hz where it IS equal and I wouldn't know except for subwoofer noise. I would use the 80hz crossover, but the localization is too bad. It may be some time before I get the larger amp. But, I am contemplating building a second subwoofer first to even out the sound and lessen the subwoofer noise (I hope) along with add a few dB. There is nothing wrong with the driver, is there? It's so hard to know because this is my first experience with a large high-excursion driver.
  2. That's all I've got right now.. from a couple days ago. It has one small mistake, no problem. Yesterday, we got all the holes drilled in it and will paint today. I need to paint it, assemble the parts, and see what happens. As for pictures, we'll see.
  3. @Aaron, I have been finding that a lot of people have not listened to In the Meantime for a while. In fact, I called in to the radio station to request it and they seemed really enthused that I did (because of not playing/hearing it for a while, I guess). They even played it right away instead of not playing it for a while like when I request other songs (which they don't act enthused about). I usually request songs just because I want other people to hear them. Listening to Everybody Got Their Something by Nikka Costa... watching All About Steve reminded me of it.
  4. I watched Messengers 2, The Scarecrow, earlier... I found it to be very intense.... I was really surprised at how well they did at giving me (and the other people watching) goosebumps/chills. I was also impressed with the writing. However.. I have a lot of movies that I liked which were not reviewed well.. Taking of Pelham 123... I also watched a [long] movie called Missing, and I found it to have very good surround and overall effect. Besides that, the movie itself was good.
  5. What listening modes does everyone use? With what content? What component? As an example.. Pioneer Elite Receiver.. I like to listen to most music in normal stereo. I also like to listen using Pro Logic II or Expanded. When I want to crank it, I use THX because it makes high levels sound much better to me (probably high-end roll-off) and more 'expansive' For movies, I have recently been using THX because it takes away the harshness so I can run it louder (-12 to -15 on volume vs. -20 to -24) and it sounds much better than way. Even better, the realism also seems to be much improved in terms of where sounds come from, especially when sounds are moving around the room. For games, I usually run it on 'Advanced Game' and all the sounds come from where they're supposed to. I have not tried other settings, though. I have found that I do not like the way the direct mode sounds as the stereo image is no longer 'coherent' and it sounds like it is coming out of the speakers rather than appearing as a sound image like it should. I also do not have a subwoofer, and I believe this may affect my listening choices. I also must comment that the Pioneer does much better with DSP settings (like Unplugged, Ext. Stereo, Rock/Pop, etc..) than my old receiver, probably because of the auto calibration and its features. I can also stress the importance of timbre matching speakers, and how it makes a huge difference in the 'seamless' movement of sound effects around the room. --------- Yours don't need to be as detailed, of course..
  6. I got to gluing today, and the camera is actually here.. now if I can get to it before it's taken again.. The size of the circles (30"&32") relative to the table gives me an idea of how big this will turn out to be...
  7. Spacehog - In the Meantime
  8. Haha, so far I've been held down by weather and I don't have a camera in sight.. For now, just reading...
  9. Isn't it ideal to have at least some bracing for the cylinder? Bracing is always better than no bracing. Right I think he is planning on using a Fi Audio Q 18" Fi: Right, it's sitting here 5 feet from me ready for action.. We have the main circles cut. Just the holes left for cutting..
  10. Email from SSA
  11. That is a great series! Haven't seen the third one yet, though..
  12. Watched Lost in Translation (Bill Murray main character) today. I thought it was pretty good, but it's not a movie to watch if you don't want to pay close attention. There's a lot of 'secondary' stuff that is not said, but shown through body language and situations. That is why I like the movie. There is one spot where there is a pool and I found that the audio was very well done. I really felt like I was at the pool. In fact, I was pretty impressed with the audio throughout. I also watched a few other movies in the past few days, such as A Perfect World (Clint Eastwood, Kevin Costner), earlier today, which I liked.
  13. What kind of music does everyone listen to? Why? I'll go.. Personally, I like rock/metal type music, usually more mainstream. Metallica, KoRn, Disturbed... I can also like popular music (Lady GaGa...). More symphonic styles can also be good, but it has to be very intense (like the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack). I like it because of the emotional effect it can have ('feel' the rhythm and POWER) and also because some songs (of any genre) can remind me of certain memories. Remember, this is not where to criticize other tastes, just state your own. It's probably fine to say another is not your own taste, though.. Use good judgement...
  14. The Elites are nice receivers, grats 'real nice'
  15. Yeah, it's a good site overall as well Probably did me more good than the program Otherwise, I got snowed out today (cutting happens outside) I will do my best to get to it tomorrow. I've been wanting to do this for years now. Going from no subwoofer to this should be nice.