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  1. Using that MTM set up would give you a lot of money left over for the sub...... Does your 1000 include cost of a receiver? If so then the 3 MTM might be a good plan. If not, I would seriously consider a pair of really good towers. Usually 2 fantastic towers will trump a 3 way. Especially in a living room/ not dedicated room.
  2. awesome! Thanks for sharing that.
  3. I was 445. dropped 80 lbs, got sick and went up. I'm about 385 now and dropping. With fall and winter comming I think I will loose a lot more. I'm always more active in winter.
  4. WHere the F were you that you Couldn't? Work comp didn't like the site. Had huge work browser issues and HAF didn't load well on the phone. New phone and IT updated my browser to 2003 standards now... So it works.
  5. You need to have a crisco and velveta samich before bed everynight.
  6. 1.5 grams of goal weight is the golden standard rule. Max 55-60 grams in one meal. That's why 5-6 meals a day is so important, along with many many other reasons.
  8. POAST!!
  9. They should be called the Purdy for how good they look. I love the black on black insignia on the woofer. I couldn't even see it untill I started snapping photo's. Normally I don't care how a driver looks, heck I I really don't mind if the speaker is ugly as long as it performs... but I think these have both looks and sound in spades. With the skirts on. Line level input or ampable. the teaser shot.
  10. I sure as heck will!
  11. YUP! that's the problem. There isn't a winner that's painfully clear to me.
  12. The Yammy had stereo sub controls. The Marants has slightly better SNR. The The Marantz is also quite a bit less in cost though. My other receiver is this. It's specs are not as good as the A3000, but I'm really skeptical that the new amp in 2 years is lighter, more powerfull, longer lasting and as sonically awesome for half the price. Could be sour grapes in my sub conscious though.....
  13. I was just able to research some systems online now, and it seams that the new offering from Yammaha the A3000 could upgrade my "old" z7 in everyway for half the price. So it's still less than I have on the books with the shop. I will need to see if they can order and how nice of a discount I can get. This may have made my decision for me. Still waiting on some info for the SR7005.
  14. I poasted. And caught up here. Wooot!
  15. HA! From where I growded up, Brooklyn Park/Center was where we used to go to hit on "rich" girls.