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  1. For most everyone else I bet youre right, the only part worth LFE interest is the cave. Thats because youre not 20dB hot down there. I wouldn't have even known this stuff was there if I hadnt seen the blades. My dialog at the end sucked, owell wasn't about to scrap this over that.
  2. (directed toward members on AVS) yup this movie sucks! But about as bad as most "horror" films or "scary" films. You guys could have warned me it was 86dB hotter than the rest of the movie and that it lasted almost 4 minutes. Been a long time since the entire house was completely involved, but never for so long. I had a crowd gathering OUTSIDE MY HOUSE on the OTHER side! At first Brandy came marching in observing everything making noise, then she went back to the table like nothing was going on.
  3. Thanks for the invite! Your sort of my pimp these days, aren't you?
  4. so whats causing all this carnage? 4 Fi IB3 18's in a manifold door using the spare room as a 1000 cubic foot enclosure with a 20"x18"x22" port for a 5Hz tune off 2 EP4000s
  5. Pardon my making 1 post per vid, I had a MUCH better initial post with all of them min one and LOST the whole damned thing
  6. Hey all rather than bore you about myself I'll post up some vids of some insane 7Hz ceiling fan flopping output. Would you prefer that from Black Hawk Down's "F'in Irene" Sceen or pure 7Hz sine waves from a tone generator? I'll also drop in some of tonights clips I am making of ULF parts I like from The New Daughter. If you seem to like that stuff round here I'll keep it up. If not I'll disappear!
  7. I might have to snap some pics of my blown 1803s, if I ever get around to my recones from Fi I'll post those up as well!
  8. awesome