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  1. I am not using a soundcard on this computer. Instead, I am plugged directly in to the Optical Out of the motherboard, because everyone agrees that soundcards pick up noise from the inside of the computer; digital of course cannot. So once again: it's Optical Out from the motherboard to Optical In of the receiver/amp which is set to digital on the menu. And No Sound.
  2. I have an Onkyo TX-8050 and an ASUS Crosshair V Formula Motherboard with each connected via an Optical Cable. I have scrolled through the setup menu on the TX-8050 and set the input to Optical 1. However, No Sound. Briefly, what can I do to get stereo sound from internet radio and Media Monkey (hdd), through my motherboard, to my TX-8050 and out through my speakers and subwoofer, all of which are connected properly? Note: I am assuming that an optical connect to the motherboard would yield superior sound to a dedicated sound card which will certainly pull noise off the computer components inside the case, while optical will not. Thank you for you help.
  3. The suggestion has been made to go with the motherboard Optical Out directly to the Onkyo amp Optical In. OK, now perhaps this is a foolish question but what is to be gained from going from the Optical Out of PCI sound card over simply pulling from the Optical Out of the motherboard? As I believe I mentioned, I have an HT Omega Claro in another computer from which I run an Optical to an amp. So was it a waste of money to have even purchased this fairly expensive card, when I could have simply gone from motherboard to amp?
  4. Apparently no need for a sound card, since all I need to do is run Optical Out from my Crosshair V motherboard to Optical In of my Onkyo TX-8050 to run FLAC tunes from my computer.
  5. I need an audiophile (computer) quality sound card for: 1) Onkyo TX-8050 amp 2) Polk Audio Tsi-500 floorstanding speakers 3) Klipsch subwoofer Which card do you recommend as kicking butt these days? Note: For stereo only, No Gaming, Audiophile Quality. Thanks!
  6. I am frustrated beyond belief with this TX-8050. Problems: 1) Suddenly the Remote will not communicate with the receiver. (changed batteries, all the obvious) 2) When I scroll through Setup/Enter on the model itself and try to update via the USB, I get only "Error0-14, DL Error 30. Note: I routinely update and flash the BIOS of all my computers here. That is a no brainer. Why oh why is this so difficult?
  7. Present setup: 1) 2 Polk Audio floor-standing speakers 2) 2 Sony bookshelf speakers (wall mounted) 3) klipsch subwoofer What I want to do: Listen to FLAC via my HT Omega Claro Sound Card (Media Monkey) and Pandora via the net. I am an audiophile who wishes to listen to jazz while I do computer work - No Video, No Games, Just Audio. So that means I need an amp/receiver that will allow me to control balance (side to side, front to rear) and tone (treble to bass). I presently own a Denon AVR 2112CI but hear from the AV specialist I hired to program it that this amp was a bad choice from my needs. Although I am well beyond tech-savvy with computer hardware and traditional stereo amps, this whole surround-sound thing is all new to me. Here is what I have that I have been told was a bad choice for my needs: 1) 2) http://www.manualowl...I/Manual/110876 3) http://www.manualowl...I/Manual/200420 Is there a better Amp/Receiver for my needs than this Denon AVR? And under $800? Btw, Denon manuals are definitely written by Devout Sadist.
  8. @Alan, are you making an argument against shielded speaker cable (Monster, etc.) and that plain old electrical cord is adequate for audiophiles? My cable is, I believe, 14 gauge with the rear speaker wires having heavier shielding (thicker) than the front. For what it's worth, I built crystal radios way back when I was a kid, then moved on to tube equipment (aluminum chassis, bored out and inserted tubes, soldering, really old-school fun stuff)
  9. @turdburst, your Dayton banana clips are way more expensive than what I bought over at MonoPrice. Is it that the Daytons are better quality or MonoPrice is just lower in price than Parts Express?
  10. I purchased the following item at MonoPrice (after LiveChat with tech rep) Should be OK?
  11. Hey Alan, you have quite a good memory. No, I purchased from MonoPrice a very nice cable with RCA connectors for the subwoofer. According to the Denon Amp manual, I can simply wind the speaker wire around the terminals. Problem is the screw-caps don't come out far enough, so winding the wire is a bit of a hassle. Plus I would like to do things in a more professional way. Nope, I am talking about "the speakers to the speaker binding posts on the amp". (Please see attached snippet.) Instead of wrapping the wire around the binding posts (caps don't unscrew far enough on some of the terminals), I can insert BANANA clips in the center hole. Good, bad or ugly idea? NOTE: I MAY HAVE INADVERTENTLY SAID "ALLIGATOR" WHEN IT SHOULD BE "BANANA CLIPS". SORRY!
  12. Back at ya with yet another newbie question. I have a Denon AVR-2112CI 5.1 amp (see attached snippet) and would appreciate knowing what alligator clips are recommendable (make/brand/style). I am an "audiophile" and am of course using shielded cable (though not "Monster" cable - I'm not that much of a newbie!) Btw, for what it's worth, I really appreciate the kindness of this forum. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am not new to computers (can possibly help there) but am a complete barefoot newbie with AV. Thanks much to all.
  13. Oh, thanks Nem. Really good to find this forum. Hope I don't annoy you folks too much in the future. I'm an audiophile with lots of OCD.
  14. No more help required. Thanks for everything. My mistake was in thinking the subwoofer output on the Denon Amp was optical. It was just good old RCA, so I bought: 1) 25 foot of cable 2) Cable splitter I found what I needed over at MonoPrice. Once again, sorry to be such a PITA.