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  1. I have comcast so that would be the way to go. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. Thanks Turdburst. Think that is the way I will go. Everyone will just have to manage :-)
  3. I have a receiver I just installed, but it is in the living room. Not everyone in the family is concerned with sound as I am. So, I want my kids to be able to just watch TV with TV speakers most times. My receiver has several HDMI inputs and an output, however, it only works when the receiver is on (obviously). I have set it up with everything just running to the TV (BluRay, AppleTV, Cable). Then, I have taken the optical out from the TV and put it into the receiver. Am I going to miss anything by not connected those devices straight to the receiver? Thanks
  4. I have $500 to spend on a surround sound/music system. Sound quality is more important than true surround sound to me. In other words, I would rather have a better sounding 2.1 system than a 5.1 system for the same money. That said, which of these would be best for me (or any other $500 or less suggestions) Boston Acoustic Soundware XS 2.1 See Here OR Denon 5.1 See Here Thanks in advance for any advice!!