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  1. Think the battery needs a charge...
  2. I hope to be a tenth as accomplished in my lifetime. Much respect.
  3. Merry Christmas as well! Everyone behave this new years as well!
  4. I'd say maybe look into the craigslist market and find a nice vintage. Otherwise check out Parts express. Lots of good items on there for good prices.
  5. WOO HOO! What'd you end up buying?
  6. I wonder how much those cost. Looks identical to a Dayton Full range driver. Wonder if it is....
  7. I need to do some research as well. I am skeptical if a 50 cent condenser mic is going to have the bandwidth or response of a Earthworks measurement mic (or comparable), but if it is relatively flat up to 20K, you can't go wrong for $0.50
  8. What are your setting like on the receiver. EQ. Sounds like you are describing distortion but a better description of the distortion would help pinpoint exactly what it might be. Is it on all sources or is it limited to a single input.
  9. You have the worst luck imaginable with electronics! Two things die in one thread! Still interested to see these amps. I really want to do something like this, but I just have too many excuses I really should after spending time in school for electronics. Refresh my brain! Any details on the DIY condenser mic sounds awesome. That'd be a fun one to try out! Do you construct everything, or is it more of a kit?
  10. My boss showed me a cool website yesterday and thought I'd share it here. It's mostly on broadcasting and recording, but there is an audio section. It's all old magazines and periodicals pertaining to audio that have been scanned and put on the internet. It's like a time machine! Wish I could go back and buy a McIntosh amp for $135 that they have advertised in 1954!
  11. Aaron, What is up with all the RSS articles in the Resources section?
  12. HERE! Have been busy though. Lots of work to do and no signs of slowing down. Good and Bad I guess. I have some projects I want to do, Just need to take some time after my work days. Weekends are reserved for the nice weather.
  13. Sorry for the late response, in no way should the bass affect/effect the CD player. Vinyl is susceptible to feedback of that nature. It is an analog signal that relies on picking up vibrations from the record surface. The grooves in the record are that analog signal, which cause vibrations on the needle that are amplified multiple times to get the power to your speakers. Playing your system loudly could have cause vibrations to through your floor, through your furniture, then to your record player. Those vibrations are they picked up by the needle again. Imagine this cycle repeated over and over. This is feedback. Same principle as a microphone in front of a speaker. CDs are digital, and the signal consists of 1 and 0s. CDs are optical devices. A laser picks up the 1s and 0s that are decoded and made into an analog signal. The nature of CDs make them immune to things like feedback the way a record player would get it.
  14. That's what they're for! Did you use a crossover of any sort?
  15. What are you using to power the speakers?
  16. Does it do it with Blu-Rays as well or just when playing off of the flash drive?
  17. It sounds like a handshaking issue between your some HDMI devices. My receiver will blank out audio if I am playing audio from, lets say my chromecast (TV would be off), then I turn my TV on and then audio stops until the video begins playing. I have never heard of having to plug and unplug when anything is powered off. It shouldn't matter either way. The hot plug detect wire on the HDMI circuit should recognize when something is plugged in or unplugged. Unless the problem lies within that HDMI cable. Cables usually do not go bad, especially something like and HDMI cable that gets plugged in and left sitting from thereon out. The only issue I could possibly see with an HDMI cable not being sufficient if it was like HDMI 1.0 standard,but unless you remember playing $100 or more like 7+ years ago, chances are the cables you have are just fine. So is the issue gone? What is the signal path? Is the Blu Ray going to the receiver HDMI, then to the TV via HDMI from the receiver? If that is the case, have you tried bypassing the receiver and going HDMI directly to the TV to see if the problem persists? If you bypass and the problem goes away, make sure to check that your receiver is up to date as far as firmware goes. It sounds like there is some kind of handshaking/authentication error between devices and a lot of times that can be fixed with updates to firmware that address bugs exactly like this.
  18. So you need the speakers to be wireless? That is the hard/expensive part. If you can get wiring outside, it is almost worth the hassle. What are you willing to spend. A reliable wireless audio connection is going to cost you regardless. Bluetooth is not a reliable means of transporting media, unless its less than 10 feet. Here is a recent thread with someone looking for something similar.
  19. Welcome!
  20. I want to do something similar, but am having a dilema how to do it. You could get wireless audio/video transmitters and receiver that supposedly work well enough, but that creates a need for a power amp to power the speakers on top of the wireless transmission. You could also get a Bluetooth audio transmitter and a simple bluetooth speaker, but the downside with bluetooth almost always is dropout and range. I have a bluetooth receiver that works well, and doesn't sound terrible(like most of the previous generation bluetooth receivers), but it still suffers from random drop outs for reasons I do not know. That is with the device in the same room as the receiver. You could get something similar to this ( and that has the amplifier built into the receiver, but its by no means cheap. Couple different ways to do things, none of them are ideal i guess. I did happen to find some cheap wireless speakers with a transmitter, but no idea if they are worth a shit either.
  21. Welcome back! How are you liking Windows 8 so far?
  22. I see that there is noise in any recording format, but I don't think I would go as far as to say "high end audio does not exist". "High end" audio reproduction from an engineering point is accurate signal reproduction of the source, and with current technology, we can get pretty damn close. I think that worrying about mostly inaudible noise from a specific recording process gets you way past the point of diminishing returns. It's so insignificant for normal listening that I wouldn't even consider it a factor when designing a sound system. Not to mention that noise is usually so far down in level, even if it is present in the original signal, it won't be audible from your speakers. I read an article recently, and I found it hard to disagree with. High end audio is all around us today. Compare the average consumer level products we can get today. They are in most cases, 10x better than the audio products of lets say 20-30 years ago. I fully embrace anything digital when it comes to audio. I don't think any emotion is lost with a digital format either. I have done A/B comparisons between and Analog and Digital Sources, and while there are some subtle audible differences (fully dependent on formats), I didn't feel that digital stripped away the emotion of the music. It does't matter whether it is digital or analog in the signal chain, when it comes out of a speaker or headphone, it is fully analog when our ears take it in. I would recommend the mention article to anyone on the forum.
  23. I was just going to say that I thought you just had that happen. I wouldn't call it bad luck as much as unfortunate coincidence. Looking forward to some photos Alan.
  24. I would definitely say it is worth keeping and using, especially if you are just starting out. What are you planning on using the system for? Music, movies? I think it would work just fine. Any speakers in mind yet?