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  1. Do you have the ability to build things? Would you be willing to? I have done some <$500 projects that would blow those out of the water. I bought a Pioneer Premier receiver for $250 and have a pair of BIB's that cost me $240 in parts (after materials and everything) Here is a build log - With those I do not always use a sub and I never really miss it. So there are a lot of good DIY options and also plenty of poor buy and play options.
  2. Is this a panoramic shot?
  3. Well you could always hide them somehow. (Like running a channel on the bottom side of the couch) I'm wondering if any other method will look goofy.
  4. The reason I hate surround sound is that it is so awkward in most homes. I'm not sure if you are against speakers on stands, but an idea to look at could be running speaker wire to a big plate in the wall on the top right corner of the couch and then running a short run to your rear left and a longer one under the couch to your rear right. This also could be nice because you could run some other possibly needed wire over there. You might could use an HDMI to hook up your phone to the TV at some point to show someone something or a usb wire, etc... To make it 7.1 you could put a speaker up high on the far left and above the couch against the wall. For clarity. 7.1 in red
  5. I think the room wiring placement really just depend on what you plan to do with each individual one
  6. Oh hell's yeah!!! Dude that's totally crazy. I can't believe you'll be living down the street from my home. We could easily sneak in one night after dark and throw it down with a couple 6 packs! You do realize this means you will actually have to build/buy a real surround sound setup.
  7. Your bulding a house! What? Where? Why didn't you tell me??? 8 - 18's IB!!!! Use the 2nd bedroom closet for the enclosure. I would get the low down from Lord Baccus on SSA. He is pretty much knows everything about this stuff.
  8. Thanks, the comments are always great. I'm glad to know that I never got my meat to stick because there was no sticking to be done. Off Topic : This really excites me for cooking the chili. I also found a Mexican meat market that sells arbol chilies that I can't wait to try out on this batch. So for heating the pan is it okay to throw it into the oven for a bit? I tried browning some stuff earlier and I put the cast iron in the oven and set it on 350 for a bit then took it out and put it on my stove at high temp so that the stovetop wasn't trying to heat the whole thing from room temp. I figured it was a bit more efficient
  9. This on an electric stove.
  10. So my girl friends mom gave me a large cast iron skillet, a small (egg sized) cast iron and 2 pots (2 and 4 quart maybe??) there not new some I'm assuming they are "seasoned". Anyways I'm looking to make good use of them. I was thinking of cooking a chili in one this week. What is cast iron best for and what is the proper way to take care of them?
  11. Howdy!
  12. Looks good! I recognized the "basketball screens" because my DLS Tweets looked like that. What kind of space does the sub have? and the same question for the rest of the cabinet.
  13. So I went on a quest for something cheaper and I ended up with two pieces of marble tile for $6 at the department store. They provide a wider base and allow the speakers to stand up and down very easily. And upon second review on Parts Express there are some much cheaper ones, but now that the problem is pretty much fixed I don't really care to pay PE for there shipping to get them.
  14. They are (relatively) stable. The only time they have ever fallen is when some opened a door into them (in the setup pictured), but I also don't have any kids that might bump into them so I'm not too worried.
  15. So my BIBs are now in a new place (7th place in their life) and the carpet here is very soft so I need something to make them more stable. I was thinking about using those speaker spikes but they are looking to be about $30 per set! Any other suggestions? For those who haven't seen...