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  1. Welcome
  2. Welcome to HAF. Are you here just to spam your sight or be a member and contribute?
  3. Spam free once again!
  4. Welcome to HAF.
  5. Welcome, would you be willing to post a picture for us?
  6. Have not visited in a while myself.
  7. Happy Birthday!
  8. Welcome to HAF, you have some nice equipment.
  9. What Aaron said. I love Pardigm speakers so you might not like my direction. I posted that up for ideas because I am not the best diyer.
  10. You will find some very nice DIY projects here Sean.
  11. That is like some posting magic number, they run through with 43 posts on CA-F too. Coming from the same place?
  12. All clean once again!
  13. I am deleting all of this spammers posts Sliliafitteew hehas posted 43 spam posts so far.
  14. Spam cleaning!