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  1. Rocky 1-6. Classic
  2. Bella, aged 2 years, wif a super secret subbie behind her
  3. One CF44, and 2 CF6's for me.
  4. Woah, I may have to grab a few of them
  5. Great review!
  6. Hi Sott!
  7. Just watched "Killers"
  8. Happy Gilmore at the moment.
  9. What a dickhead.
  10. I am going by what medical researchers have found out by investigating certain accidents . I didnt believe it at first also ..............................Alan Going from watching a 3D movie, and walking outside will cause NO problems. As reality is 3 dimensions. I'm a student in the medical field, and I'm surprised someone in the medical field assumed that watching a 3D movie can cause vision problems.
  11. Been a while since I've been in here
  12. I watched a movie in 3D yesterday and didn't have any vision or depth perception problems... There isn't a 3D "side" of your brain, there is an occulat cortex in the back of your head and that is all it does. There is no way for the brain to get confused.
  13. All audio forums are slower than normal now I've noticed.