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  1. Wow! thanks for your quick reply! I'll try to answer below, maybe that will help get us closer to the right answer. I do have 15 speakers. (8 in my great room, 1 in each bedroom (4) , 2 outside and 1 in the master bath.). It's an 1960's house, and I placed on speaker where each of the old intercom interfaces were in the bedrooms. The great room is a large two-story space, and it's where the vast majority of people gather when I have a party, etc. I need to use 2 of the selectors. I had considered one of their larger amps that has 12 channels built in, but the price is really high, and I prefer to have each of the speakers (or speaker pairs) on speaker selectors so that I can easily control the volume for each with front-mounted knobs. I selected the Polk RC85i speakers for the whole house audio. Here's a link to the Niles speaker selector specifications: http://bit.ly/N7U1Fl Here's a link to the Amp: http://bit.ly/LQxahN When you say 'tricky' regarding connecting the 2 speaker selectors, what do you have in mind? The Amp literature (at least on Crutchfield.com) indicates that you can attach 2 pairs of speakers in parallel. I was hoping that you could substitute 2 speaker selectors for the 2 pairs, although I'm not sure exactly what "in parallel" means and how to attach either speakers or selectors in that fashion.
  2. Also considering the Onkyo M-282 Amp. A little less $$, but the reviews seem pretty good.
  3. Hey all! I'm new here, and new to home audio... and could really use some help. I'm setting up two systems in my house. First a 5.1 system in my TV room, and then a whole house audio system with about 15 speakers throughout my house. I've selected a receiver from Onkyo, which will drive the 5.1 plus an extra link to an Amp for the whole house system. I'm working on selecting an amp and speaker selectors to control the rest of the system. I think I want this: 2 speaker selectors, Niles SSVC-6, to control the 15 or so speakers, some in pairs. Amp: Niles SI-275 I'm at a loss on Watts and Ohms, etc. The Amp says it can support 2 pairs of speakers at 8 Ohms. In my case, I'll be connecting two speaker selectors, instead of 2 speaker pairs. Each selector will then have 6-10 speakers connected to it. The speaker selectors say to not use an Amp with over 100 watts per channel. Again, I'm a bit confused on how this works if you split a two channel Amp into 4 channels. Can anyone provide me some advice and guidance on how to set this up? Is this a good pairing of equipment? The next Amp up seems to indicate too much wattage, but again I'm not sure how that works when you split the connection up among so many speakers. Many thanks!! Julian