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  1. This is the trouble, they don't. Its such a shame as they make great drivers and I am sure their HT range will be awesome but please do the right thing and at least let us know if they are actually going to show. They have been in development for ages now, surely they must have something they can tell us. What was the point of starting a blueprint audio forum if they don't actually write on it.
  2. I am getting the feeling that these drivers are going to be a no show. I think it's about time that FI actually made a statement about whether or not they are actually going to available. Alot of people I have spoken to are getting pretty fed up with no response at all and thinking of buying different drivers.
  3. So do I. :rofl2: :rofl2:
  4. Do you know something we don't then? Any idea on parameters?
  5. Any more news on Blueprint yet. It seems to be taking an eternity. Any info would be appreciated.
  6. What's the situation with Blue Print Audio. Will these new drivers actually emerge or not. I was told months ago that it would be a couple off weeks and still nothing. Not even an email to say what is going on. An update would be really appreciated please guys.
  7. Guys, Any more news on these drivers yet! Really can't wait to see some t/s parameters on them to start modelling. I am eager to see how they compare to my FI Q18's. cheers Graham
  8. The speakers are monitor Audio RS6's. I have the RS5's for rears and RS centre powered by the onkyo 876 receiver. It was a nightmare trying to match the stain on the sub to the speakers. Still need to veneer the other sub and stain, then do the grills. cheers Graham
  9. Thanks guys, I have been a member on the hometheatershack and avsforum for a couple off years now. Didn't even realise this forum existed. The reason I came across it was because off the new Blue print audio subs which I have been waiting for to come out. I have two FI Q18 15 cu ft multi tuned subs and wanted to see how different or better the new line is. cheers Graham
  10. Hi there, Just a quick hello as I have just joined the forum. Didn't even realise this even existed. cheers Graham