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  1. Unless a truly budget-priced Air Force model is in the works, the TechDAS turntable lineup now seems complete: The recently introduced Air Force Zero ($450,000) is at the top, and the "affordable" Air Force V ($19,500) is at the bottom. The Air Force One, Two, and III turntables, all available in both standard and Premium versions, sit in the costly middle. There's no Air Force IV because in East Asia that number is considered bad luck—which also explains why Japanese golfers shout "Six!" when someone hooks a shot into an adjacent fairway (joke alert). Tue, 08/20/2019 View the full article
  2. This is a story about a $1375 commercial turntable accessory and a free tweak—the latter discovered while installing the former, although the two things exist quite independently of one another. Here's how it all went down: Earlier this year, I was sent a review sample of a perfectionist-quality platter bearing called the Buddha Bearing, intended for Garrard 301 and 401 turntables. I was happy to receive such an interesting product but slow in trying it, partly because my record player sounded so good at the time that I didn't want to go tearing it all apart, and partly because there were other review samples in line ahead of the Buddha Bearing. Tue, 08/20/2019 View the full article
  3. If you’re shopping for a new TV, a new acronym should be on your radar: H.D.R., or High Dynamic Range. Soon it’ll be everywhere, but here’s why it’s worth a look now. View the full article
  4. To get a laptop that’s usable for most schoolwork, you need to spend at least $450 to $500. I’ve tested dozens of laptops, and here’s what I’d recommend. View the full article
  5. On Saturday, August 24th, Command Performance AV will be hosting an open house event in collaboration with MoFi Distribution. Also in attendance will be IsoTek's "headmaster," Keith Martin, visiting from the U.K. Mon, 08/19/2019 View the full article
  6. I expect every lover of jazz and classical music will want to check out Decca’s new recording of jazz great Wynton Marsalis’ thoroughly engaging Violin Concerto and Fiddle Dance Suite. Sun, 08/18/2019 View the full article
  7. If you're a music fan—and if you're reading this, you probably are—you've heard this already: On June 11, the New York Times Magazine published an investigative report about a 2008 fire that destroyed a vault at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Workers were repairing a roof on an oft-reused movie set, heating asphalt tiles with a blowtorch. Protocol required the repairmen to stick around for one hour until the asphalt had cooled, to guard against fire. But shortly after they left, a fire broke out. Hundreds of firefighters fought it, pulling water from the lake once inhabited by The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Thu, 08/15/2019 View the full article
  8. A dale is a broad valley. The Yorkshire Dales are broad, picturesque valleys in Northern England, mostly named for the rivers or streams that run through them. One of these is Wharfedale, which is the upper valley of the River Wharfe—and which was the original home of British firm Wharfedale Wireless Works, founded in 1932 by Gilbert Briggs. Thu, 08/15/2019 View the full article
  9. In the pursuit of epic photos and videos, don’t risk fines or getting your drone confiscated. View the full article
  10. Every year, the Expert Imaging and Sound Association hands out awards for the best products in each of 19 hi-fi categories, as determined by a panel of judges from the world's leading hi-fi magazines. Notice the word "world"—for, EISA, one a European organisation, has gone global, with members from Japan, Hong Kong, Australia—and the United States, where Stereophile is the only member of EISA's Hi-Fi Expert group. (Stereophile's partner publications, Shutterbug and Sound & Vision, are also EISA members—in the Photography and A/V categories, respectively.) Wed, 08/14/2019 View the full article
  11. This almost happened 13 years ago. Thinking the time was right for a Klipschorn review—2006 was the 60th anniversary of its design—I got in touch with a Klipsch representative, who requested photos of my room and details of its size and construction style. My reply was followed by a three-day lag in correspondence, after which came the disappointing news: "We're sorry: It won't work." The problem: There were baseboard radiators too near the corners of the room where the speakers would be installed; consequently, the Klipschorns couldn't be snugged all the way against those corner walls—an iron-clad requirement for their use. Tue, 08/13/2019 View the full article
  12. Patricia Barber: Higher Patricia Barber, piano & vocals; Patrick Mulcahy, bass; Jon Deitemyer, drums; Neal Alger, acoustic guitar; Jim Gailloreto, tenor saxophone ArtistShare AS01712 (CD). 2019, Patricia Barber, prod.; Martha Feldman, assoc. prod.; Jim Anderson, rec. and mixing eng.; Bob Ludwig, mastering eng. DDD. TT: 55:18 Performance ***** Sonics ****½ As a singer and writer, Patricia Barber has never been easy to define. In the audiophile world, she's too often defined—and her brilliance obscured—by her ubiquity at audio shows and her regrettable membership in a sorority of generic, well-recorded "female vocalists." But in what idiom? Tue, 08/13/2019 View the full article
  13. Register to win one of five actual pieces of the original 1969 Woodstock stage (Value $99.00 ea) or a Back To The Garden - 50th Anniversary Collection 5 Vinyl LP set (Value $124.98) we are giving away. According to the companies: "Peace Pendant: Always have a piece of Woodstock magic around your neck and close to your heart, with this Peace Pendant, that is encased with a piece of the original and authenticated stage from the 1969 Woodstock Festival. Acrylic Frame: Ideal for display and connecting with the festival magic, this touchable piece of the original 1969 Woodstock stage is surrounded by rainbow colors with the concert dates and location, Peace of Stage logo, and a tamper-proof hologram certifying its authenticity. Woodstock 50 – Back To The Garden - 50th Anniversary Collection features 42 of the finest performances recorded at the legendary festival, on 5 vinyl LPs." All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. Click on the picture above for details on how to enter. Mon, 08/12/2019 View the full article
  14. The Swedish company Teenage Engineering has won over kids — and professionals — with a revolutionary idea for a synthesizer: Make it simple. View the full article
  15. Plus, where should police departments draw the line with facial recognition surveillance? View the full article
  16. is the RP-450C better than the PL-28II ,ive been looking to upgrade to something with cleaner mids an treble but im wondering if ther'ers any preformence issues blending with my fronts the BIC PL-89 being that the RP-450C has four 5in drivers an the PL-28II has two 8in drivers ,i know some times that has an effect but with the RP-450C being 97dB SENSITIVITY an the PL-28II at 98dB SENSITIVITY would that make it not noticeable being different size drivers View the full article
  17. Give the camera someone else’s face — or obscure your own. Strive for asymmetry. Make your head unheadlike. View the full article
  18. A New TV Show from The New York Times on FX and Hulu View the full article
  19. Technology that allows hotel guests to use their phones as room keys is expanding, taking aim at those environmentally unfriendly plastic cards. View the full article
  20. Plus, the Epstein scandal takes another casualty — Deutsche Bank. View the full article
  21. Looking to upgrade my L/C/R/ I have narrowed it down to the Hsu CCB-8's or the RSL CG25's. If anyone has any experience with one or both of these I would appreciate your input. My current setup Marantz SR6013 Emotiva XPA-5 Gen2 Amp LG OLEDC9PUA Sony UBP-X800 GoldenEar SuperSat 3's L/C/R and Surround L/R RSL c34e height speakers x2 SVS PC-2000 x2 Subwoofer View the full article
  22. Travelers with heart conditions, diabetes and epilepsy can check on themselves — even report to their doctors — with new devices and apps. View the full article
  23. whats a good crossover point to set for these from the receiver i was going set to 50hz, my current config is my fronts are at 70hz an my center at 60hz , would 50hz on these Rockville SPG88 for use as sides an a pair set at 60hz for rears be good i'll be driving each set with a crown xli 800 at 200watts a channel just like my fronts an center are ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ this was my previous speakers preferred config because my subs are in the back (minus the amp power old loadout an emotiva A-500 80watts per ch) ( current loadout is 200watts a channel ) an i feel they blended better back to front , but with new speakers in mix that isn't aways the case as with my current duel 8in bics in front an center my previous surround speakers set were all 6.5in polks set like this 50hz on front 60hz center 40hz on surrounds an 100hz lowpass on the subs my current planed config is ( currently own PL-89 fronts at 70hz an two PL-28II centers at 60hz an ( Rockville SPG88 for sides at 50hz yet to be powered i plan to get a 2nd set of Rockville SPG88 an a as rears at 60hz both the sets to be driven by a crown xli 800 im still reworking my sub build so an any thoughts on crossover point an speakers positioning i also plan to build so bigass acoustic bass trap at 6ft by 3ft by 6in thick will take pixs when i have a better camara View the full article
  24. Hi. I am trying to setup a sort of home theater in my 2nd floor loft. Its a 16 * 18 loft, open on one side. Planning to do UHD50, acoustically transparent screen. Planning Center : Polk 255C-RT Surround : Polk RC60i Front : RC65i ($150 for 2) vs 65-RT ($200 for 2). Confused here. which one should I pick Subwoofer : Not sure if I need a subwoofer. If so, I was thinking Klipsch 10 inch wireless (R-10SWi) AV Experts. Please guide on Front speaker dilemma and subwoofer. Intention is to just watch some movies and shows with kids and family. Not intended for gaming. I have done a lot of search and couldnt find much data around this. So posting a new thread. Thank you for your inputs experts. View the full article
  25. Stereophile's first change in editorial leadership in 33 years calls for a restatement of the magazine's core principles. Stereophile was founded in 1962 by J. Gordon Holt, on the premise that the best way to review an audio component is to listen to it. Following Holt as editor, John Atkinson turned that premise into a viable concern—a real magazine—and, in 1989, added a regular suite of measurements to Stereophile's otherwise subjective mix. Tue, 06/18/2019 View the full article