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  1. <--- this guy needs a new HT plate amp.

  2. Don't you ever talk bad about Tarantino again...
  3. Hola
  4. I hate MN.
  5. Fuck snow.
  6. Cannot blame a guy for trying. Hopefully my transcripts will get to UP this week...I need xmas money.
  7. does "have" equal free? If not, that is way to much for me.
  8. You should let me have the truck....it sure would be nice of you. =D
  9. And if your power/cable/satellite goes out during the show you need an alternative I have FIOS, if they all go out I am F'd and will just play the XBOX.
  10. Pyle back in the day made OK stuff...now, not so much. For that price I would snag a 15" Dayton off PE. Is IB what you are aiming for?
  11. Seeing this makes me wanna do something new for my HT setup....Maybe a few 15's and stuff.
  12. Wait, there is something else besides pRon on the internetz and tv? I have my DVR setup to record the things I wanna see. Besides that, I don't watch too much TV.
  13. So, I finally got a hold of the person from whom I can get my transcripts....now I cannot get a hold of the person that needs them.....FML
  14. Go white boy, go white boy, GO!! <------------- Hopes Jaime is a white boy. Well, my GF says I am a white/pink shade....so ya, I am white. =D
  15. Just stopping by to say hi. Go for my drug test and physical on Wednesday....hopefully I will have some money for xmas.