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  1. Okay I didn't know quite where to get help with this so I thought I might come here first. I recently purchased a new Sony receiver (Model: STR-DH820) and a new samsung blu-ray Player (Model: BD-D5500). The Blu-ray player is capable of putting out DTS-HD and Dolby HD, as well as my sony receiver is capable decoding both. The connections are HDMI from Blu-ray to Receiver and HDMI from Receiver to television. I have 7.1 speakers. For whatever reason the sony receiver is not decoding the DTS-HD or Dolby HD, its only seems to be getting it as PCM. I selected Bitstream (Unprocessed) in the audio settings for the blu-ray player (which is what it recommends that you do if your receiver is capable of outputing it) yet it still isnt saying it on the receiver. So any suggestions? any help would be greatly appreciated in pointing me in the right direction.