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  1. You know, since I'll be getting the pioneer vsx 920-k, I just can't take a chance on the Onkyo SKS-HT870 due to the 6ohm impedance. what about Harman/Kardon HKTS 18. Only 4 days until the fight.
  2. In your opinion, can the speakers that I have do 133w? I didn't know my receiver was actually rated at 133w rms. Who knew it would be difficult to find 3 good speaks, that aren't car subwoofers, for $600 what about these: subs Amazon.com: BIC America F12 12-Inch 475-Watt Front Firing Powered Subwoofer: Electronics Amazon.com: BIC America V-1220 12-Inch 430-Watt Down-Firing Powered Subwoofer: Electronics Amazon.com: Dayton SUB-120 HT Series 12" 150 Watt Powered Subwoofer: Electronics speaker systems: Onkyo SKS-HT870 Energy RC-Micro 5.1 Onkyo SKS-HT540 Damn! The Onkyo SKS-HT870 has an impedance of 6ohm. That would be great for my current setup, but I plan on getting The Pioneer VSX-920-K or vsx-1020 which is rated at 8ohm. I like the tower look on the SKS-HT870 The onkyo-sks-ht540 is 8ohm which would allow me to upgrade to the vsx 920, but it doesn't have the tower speakers.
  3. http://local.audioholics.com/Sony_HT_DDW790_Home_Theater_System_Bloomington_CA-r1258448-Bloomington_CA.html The link above show my current system. My receiver is very simplistic.
  4. Dude, you've spent over $300,000 on speakers Did you win the lotto or something $600 is what I'm looking to spend right now.
  5. First, Laid back and bright; please elaborate. $150,000 $250,000; are we talking about buying a house or speakers? didn't know I would have to spend that much to get more sound than the $190 HTIB that I currently have. I'm looking for a good clean sound (with more volume than I currently have) from my mids and highs and deep bass that gives more volume than I currently have. I'm trying not to spend more than $600(That is before the fight May 1) Then add as I go. If I had to choose as of right now, I would concentrate on increasing the volume (while maintaining quality) of my mids and highs.
  6. Well it looks as if I would have to get new speakers as well as the vsx 920 is 8ohm and the HTIB speakers I have are 6ohm. So are you confident that getting better speakers (with my current receiver), would increase my sound volume and quality? I would have guessed that the vsx 920 would most definitely increase volume and quality; but my knowledge of home audio equipment isn't very strong. So tell me this, would my sound quality and volume increase considerably if I get better speakers along with the vsx 920? What are considered the better (high-end, mid-end, low-end) speakers anyway?
  7. I currently I have a Sony HTDDW790 and I need to upgrade it before the Maywether vs Mosely fight. When I bought this system, my living was about 150-200sqft and now my livingroom ( new home) is roughly 400sqft. I'm looking to spend in the neighborhood of 300-500$ I'm looking for my front speakers and subwoofer to be a little louder. Can I get by with spending all my money on a very good reciever (Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, etc.) and then connect it to the speakers that came with my current system, go with another HT in a box? Any suggestions? PSI'm looking to get 1 on the following recievers to connect to the speakers that I currently have (until I get some better speakers of course) Pioneer VSX-920-K (I don't know when this model will be released) Onkyo TX-SR607 Sony STR-DN1000 I would put the VSX-1020 on the list, but from what I see, the additions to the 1020 don't serve any purpose for me.