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  1. Fast Times at Ridgemont High is the best ever... nothing even comes close.
  2. My old lady went outside last night. I got to thinking about it after about 45 minutes, wondered what she was doing and popped my head out the back door. She had gone into my shop, swept the whole thing up and cleaned it like crazy. I was rather shocked TBH... she wants something I can tell, but I don't know what.
  3. who is that? got to be some nude ones of her floating around! Jessica Jane Clement. There are several of her pre-boob job with blond hair, but ever since she got her tits done she has been holding out.
  4. I evened it out for you dude... Seriously, negging an admin is bad news, dude
  5. See how quickly a little poonany can liven up a dead thread?
  6. Let's get it going again...
  7. It is a bit slow in here of late, isn't it MKader?
  8. I am a Dish Network subscriber ATM, been with them for almost 2 years now. I was with DirecTV for about 8 years prior. They had the best CS, but such horrible prices and equipment. I love my Dish Network... with regards to their pricing and equipment, but their CS sucks. Also, even if you sign someone else up, don't expect to get your discount like they promise. They have fucked us bad on that deal. If their prices weren't so good, and I mean if they were within $10 of DirecTV, I would drop them in a heartbeat and go back to DirecTV.
  9. You know, I want to get that but I heard the transfer wasn't so good on it. I have both the theatrical and extended version sets on DVD, I would be interested on your take of the Blu_Ray transfer. Nice system. I am a Pioneer Elite owner myself, all my components except for the TV, which is also a Samsung, are Elite, and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I got about half way through the first one last night before falling asleep, but so far, it looks incredible! I haven't got into any of the major CGI sceens yet though... Hey Mark, since this was brought back up... Did you finish this and is it worth the money? I am going to go ahead and order Life (the BBC version with David Attenburough, not the Discovery version with Oprah Winfrey) and I may just go ahead and get them both. Amazon Visa FTW! I already have both the theatrical version and the Extended version in DVD format, so I guess I may as well get it in BR... But if what I heard is true, I may spend my money on a few BRs of higher quality instead of this. TIA!
  10. We always buy a bunch of fireworks, and my parents do too. Between all of us we usually wind up with about a 45 minute to an hour worth of fireworks... plus firecrackers and M80s and the like during the day. We had 2 of our grown sons come to watch them with us this year, 1 flew in from California and is spending the month with us, and the other lives about 45 minutes from us... Plus the local boy's fiance' and her son, and my youngest son who is 12. No fires and no blown up hands... but I can't really drink right now so that was an added safety factor. A few years ago I got drunk and a pack of firecrackers stuck to my finger and blew up. I got burned and my fingers let me know about it for a few days, but nothing major. I wish I was allowed to drink again.
  11. I read that whole article last night. Very interesting and worthwhile read. Reppage on that one, dude.
  12. Color me crazy, but I still love the sound of a tube amp. IMO technology has shorted us from that aspect. But I sure do love the sound of today's high end speakers coupled with yesterday's amplifier technology.
  13. It is motion blur, and I wrote a small explanation previously... Without reading the whole article I assume this is a simple summary.
  14. Against the wall sucks. What are the other options? Will these be DIYs, or store bought? What is the budget? In the living room, please share the size of the room, and any oddities that may influence sound, such as another open room to the main living room, a high ceiling, etc. For the receiver, specs please... also what is the load rating on it?
  15. Meh, Iam just stating facts. You can search all you want for objective comparisons and see that plasmas have greater contrast ratios and better blacks, simply due to how they function. Subjectively, perhaps your LED is set up better, perhaps it does better in the room's lighting conditions or perhaps because of the color of your walls and plasma's reflectivity, there are many reasons why it would appear to you to be better, but objectively plasmas win the black level battle, simply by design. You can't manipulate physics. Source for the above Source for the above Source for the above Please, check many, many more links for yourself While I agree that LEDs do do a much better job at everything compared to traditional backlit LCDs, they still don't do black levels, contrast ratios, or off angle viewing, or reduction in motion blur quite as well as a Plasma. Each design has it's own drawbacks, however. You simply cannot have the very best of everything. There are certain compromises between all things, it is just up to the user to make an informed decision.