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  1. my 2 girls... i found the border collie at the pound when she was only a few weeks old... and i found the schenauzer at a garage sale when she was about a month old... both of them picked me.. i would get in with them and all the others in there pens and they are the ones that really liked me... man do i love these two.... they are both so smart it is almost scarey..they understand every thing i say to them.. and listen...
  2. Radio Shack is have some really good deals on Moster cable speaker wire and amp kits and RCA cables.. i really didn't need any but bought some just because it was to good of a deal to pass up.. i have recived my order and i am more then happy with them..i bought 2 rolls of speaker wire and 2 15.97 amp kits and if you go here and use the coupon in the top right you get free shipping and 10.00 off for orders over 85.00.. even if you don't spend 85.00 you still get free shipping
  3. well they should recpect other people alittle more... but atleast they are spending there money on something they love.. it could be worse.. they could be standing on the corner spending all there money on crack--- meth.... then they wold have nothing.. atleast this way they won't hear the cops sneaking up on them... or a heard of camels..
  4. this is a cool post...and a good read.. can't wait for more
  5. lately when i run to the store i have been listening to track 9 on the Kid Rock Rock N Roll Jesus cd (Don't Tell Me U Love Me )..has really good hard hitting bass that sounds really good.. and James Otto... These are the good ole days.. any more it seems like i look for music that is just recorded really good more then just for who it is.. i can listen to about anything as long as it sounds really good.. man i must be getting old.
  6. I just ordered them friday.. they should be here this week sometime.. i should have a tracking number tommorrow
  7. i just ordered a set... thanks for the great deal
  8. oh... here is my other toy that i built that goes in the back of my truck
  9. Here is a few pics of my truck video..i have a new monitor tha swivelis coming in the mail to put in the back to make it nicer so it faces you.. sounds really good watching movies with my 15" Xcon and saz 1500d.. and i have a set of Focal 165 KRX2 on there way to replace my PPI 365's .. I love my Truck.. waiting for summer to put bucket seats in the back so i can re-do my sub box to be the center consloe in the rear, i will post some more when my other stuff gets here this week
  10. i wish i could of got the wife to let me buy the LED... i just bought the 50' Plasma.. this one, i got it for 959.00 tho......