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  1. If it doesn't support switching speakers wirelessly, then you need to find a reciever that does. You may be able to find a zoned speaker switch that switches wirelessly. But I'm sure it would cost as much as a reciever.
  2. Check your video settings on every device including your reciever. What it sounds like either your TV is seeing a resolution conflict, or each device is seeing a conflict. If all settings are correct, try hooking the Blue ray player directly to the TV. Is your TV older? Could it be flashing because the signal is to strong. Or is your HDMI out on the receiver about had it. Did you try a new cable? Is your HDMI Input on your TV worn out? There is a host of things that could be wrong.
  3. I don't see the cassette making a comeback, they were unreliable, the tape broke when you played your favorite song. They would get tangled in the capstans and rollers, and up untill the 90's sound was horrible. When BASF came out with the first high quality tapes, Compact Disks were already gaining popularity. Vynil however is a different story. It is hard to choose if Vynil or CD's are the best sounding. With each media there will always be draw backs. If cassettes made a comeback, it would be because the record industry can't control what your recording. Because it isn't recording a digital format. It's recording as a analog format.
  4. I don't have top end stuff, and like you I can't fathom the ridiculous prices of the stuff people on here have. Needless to say they have what makes them happy, as I do as well. I usually have a low to mid entry level receiver. But I did splurge and bought a Yamaha RX-A550 (not the Bestbuy model) from the guys at Nantucket Sound. This is my first venture into audiophile territory. Sometimes it is not about how expensive something is. You could get used stuff that sound great, but be careful even with that. Some people think their 20 year old junk is worth as much or more today... Lmfao! As for the sub, it's not usually the amp that needs help. It's the driver. Generally speaking, yes you can replace the sub with something better. Since it should be 4 Ohms you can get away with almost any sub. If the enclosure is baffled and heavy, then the enclosure is worth refitting, but I would spend something on much better, like a Pioneer or Sony. Subs don't care to much about box dimensions as long as it has the space to breathe. I have an old 8" RadioShack woofer in a Tivoli design subwoofer. It sounds a million times better!
  5. From records to tapes to CD and compressed audio formats. All I can say is yes. It does bother me. You need a decent set of speakers combined with a decent amp to understand why compressed audio sucks worse then the cassette. If you talk to most audiophiles, their preferred media type will be records or CD's. My preference is CD, only because I dont yet own a turn table. Although compressed audio has come along way since the early 2000's. There is nothing like having to have software in your reciever to uncompress the signal to round out the almost CD sound. MP3's tend to be full sounding. Simbles in a recording sound like keys jingling. CD's don't do this. Plus owning the media is better then having to pay a fee to stream it. A good record player bests a CD in the fact that it doesn't get much warmer sounding then that. I hope this gives a little insight into the world of audio.
  6. Another thing, most receivers have a A/B speaker setting. Would it make sense to put a second stereo pair just for music as you don't need the surround sound for music?
  7. Better Off with Something Else
  8. Distortion happens 2 ways. One overdrive, or breakup. When you over-power your driver's to a point where they no longer produce clean sound, mechanisms move further then they were designed to and crackling noises can be heard. The other is pushing the amp to hard with EQ settings and loudness/bass boost turned up or on. This produces a static type of distortion and will hurt your driver's equally as bad. Possibly the amp as well. Improperly matching speakers can be a reason an amp overdrives. If impedance is not matched you could be frying your amplifiers filters. Leading to undesirable noises, burnt up or out amplifier, and possibly burn up speakers. Your components are matched pretty good though. Here's the deal. Most consumer grade components don't run the numbers stamped on the box. Chances are your receiver is running more like 40-45watts a channel continuous and can take a punch to 80. In essence, your reciever is only gonna run its loudest flat, Bass and treble set to 0, all loudness and bass boost off turned off. Even then, you may not hit 68% on the volume control.
  9. The problem with "wireless" is it is great when it works. It's when you find out it won't work that sucks. Bluetooth speakers notoriously sound bad compared to most affordable "passive" speakers requiring a separate amplifier to do the job. Most HT installers will not recommend wireless. Remember, wireless still require a plug, in your case of a rear set, possibly 2 outlets. Now if they are not there, get ready to bend over to add them. The better and most reliable that I would recommend would be in-wall or bookshelf speakers in the rear, wired from the reciever to the speaker in the floors/ceiling to adjacent wall. Bluetooth would be a waist of time in your yard, you would be better off running wires to the outside of this system. But I think it would be cheaper and easier to buy another stereo all together for outside. Just my thought. Running speaker wire that handle being berried gets mucho expensive. Then again if you don't have a shed or walk out basement, what would you do with a stereo. This is where a classic boombox works fine to. How did I get to a boombox? Lol!