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  1. Real short, about me. I prefer to watch music videos, rather than listen to music, with no video. I collect concerts on DVD. I put them, into my Blue Ray and I listen to them, in (DTS HD Master Audio) when I can get that format and when I can't, then I like, any other format, I can squeeze out of my system. I love to sit and raise, or lower, the level of each individual speaker, or change the decoding, to catch, just the way I want the music to sound, at the time. I still, have never experienced, the purest method, of high quality stereo listening, so I don't know what I'm missing. I have 10 speakers, that surround my ears and I would have 20, if I knew it would make a difference. One example, of a concert I have, on Blue ray, would be (Carlos Santana, presents Blues at Montreux 2004 W/ Buddy Guy, and one of my favorites, Clarence (Gatemouth) Brown). Others are not all Blue ray, of coarse, but sound awesome in surround sound. I have all of the Eric Clapton, Guitar Festivals, on DVD, both Blue ray and not. I'm a child of the 70s and my choices are limited, because, a lot of classic rockers, and country artists, did not make video records back then. TV made them sound horrible, so they stayed away. However, some of them, still made videos, enough, to satisfy my ears, and eyes. So basically, as far as (audio and video) goes, that's my MO. I'm a very avid amateur astronomer and a very, very avid birder. Also called, bird watcher, just to clear up, that I don't shoot birds, except with a camera. I joined this forum, because, I've come to a point, where it seems, that only the collective experience, of people with the same interests as myself, are going to be able to answer, the questions, that now keep coming up. For example You could say, that right now, I'm not very trigger happy. I bought a new Yamaha RX - A1050 and a used, NAD S250 power amp NAD sold and sent me, a custom trigger cord. Specifically designed, to be female on NADs end and male on Yamaha's. Thus making it a perfect cable for a trigger, in this case. It works in principal, except for some strange problems. Upon initial setup, the NAD shuts off with the trigger like it should and then, 15 or so seconds later, comes back on, out of standby, while the Yamaha is still off. I then, try a lot of different settings and then it finally seems to go off and stay off, like it should. Then, I come back to my system, later the same day, or the next day, and the NAD has come back on, out of standby mode. While the Yamaha is still off. To add to the frustration, sometimes when the NAD comes back on, it goes, on, off, on, off, rapidly. Like the trigger is being turned on and off rapidly over and over. At that point I have to shut the power button to the NAD off. Something is causing the NAD to come back on. I used a volt meter, to see if the Yamaha, was sending 12 volts to the NAD, when it should not be and the trigger tested 0 volts, the whole time, until I turned the Yamaha on, then I got 12 volts, However, this does not mean, that I have ruled out the possibility, that the Yamaha, is not sending voltage, when it should not. It could still be doing that. If the Yamaha is not sending voltage though, then it seems to me, like something inside the NAD, is not performing right. There is a trigger switch behind the NAD which I have set to (trigger on) I wonder if the switching mechanism, inside the NAD, that controls the standby / on function, is faulty. Whatever that is. The Yamaha is set to these settings, with the trigger cord, plugged into - trigger out 1 Settings (Trigger Output 1) Mode - Power Target Zone - All I've tried every conceivable setting and I've talked to Yamaha and NAD. Neither of whome, could solve the issue. Thanks Conner