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  1. I have been struggling for the last few years to seemlessly integrate my subwoofer system to my main front speakers. There were many variables to work with most importantly gain levels, crossover frequencies, and overall hardware compatibility, in the beginning. Source material, at least in my collection has always been the first variable to need some "tweaking". Either you got some,(bass, well recorded), or you don't, then balance it to the front mains. Trial and error using the speakers and room environment would eventually seek out the best Xover frequencies for your reality, set these, and you were pretty much there, (with what I had to work with at that time). THERE IS A BETTER WAY! I have been aware of DSPs for many years, but mainly in ProAudio PA applications. I know I am not the first person to see or use these units in home audio but sometimes it takes me awhile to "get it". One thing I learned in this process was that no matter how flat or perfect your hardware may be it is playing in your listening room and that introduces its own variables to this quest for perfection, once again something alot of you may be aware of, but it is easy to forget or dismiss this most important variable. Enter the DBX Driverack. There are other units out there from Behringer and others, but in terms of price, reputation, and reliability DBX is hard to beat. First, with a calibrated microphone available for about another $100 you can use the Real Time Analyzer to measure the actual frequency response at your listening spot and with the AutoEQ function come up with a baseline from which to manually tweak your system to what you prefer. This unit contains a stereo 28 band graphic EG, totally adjustable PEQ, 2X6, 2X5, 2X4, 2X3 variable crossovers with both LR AND BW slopes, speaker time alignment delay, and many other features I don't use, feedback supression, Comp/Limiter, Subharmonic Synthesizer, etc. For my money I have not had anything else that improved the overall sound of my system for the $$$spent. You can find these used for $250-$400 and new for around $600. Comments, questions, appreciated, OldSchoolSQ
  2. After trying to think of something clever to say...I have to agree with your two simple points. Trying to learn here, does measurable EMI/RFI manifest itself as bad noises usually or are there other issues. OldSchoolSQ
  3. This is a topic I have pondered also. After doing some research, my personal needs were decided after reading an article, "The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio" (google this). It deflates many of the myths propagated by so called Audio Experts such as those at "The Absolute Sound", etc. I did find comments from some folks with HD TVs who got a more clear picture after using one, they may be more sensitive to these issues. One other thought, alot of us have multiple electronic devices hooked up in one room so be sure not to cause voltage sag by overloading a particular outlet. I have an older Sony CRT TV that used to visibly dim when I would power up my large power amps so I put them on different lines from my breaker box.
  4. Although I own a B&K AVP2000,5.1 preamp, most of my listening is done in direct stereo. This seems to be a personal choice for most forum members and strong opinions abound. I agree with your comments concerning timbre matching speakers for surround and do enjoy 5.1 for HT and although I don't do any gaming myself surround would certainly make sense. One last thought, get a good subwoofer and all your listening experiences be it stereo or multichannel will be much more enjoyable and realistic.
  5. First off, IMO, as a self styled audiophile there is nothing as fun as sharing music you love with others, so this topic, "What are you listening to" is/will be one of my favorite topics. That being said, for those of us on this forum, most of us won't have the luxury of actually sharing these experiences with each other, so expounding a little about why you like a particular piece or artist would be more valuable than just their name and/or particular recording, and hoping someone will chime in. I like to experience new music and this topic is a good way to do that. Oops, back to my reply HA!....As a guitar player myself Metheny and McLaughlin have always been on my radar as two of the most innovative and technically skilled players out there. In terms of related work and Fusion/Jazz some others I like are Weather Report, Tony Williams Lifetime W/Allan Holdsworth and the previously mentioned Return to Forever W/Al Dimeola. Although not technically Jazz/Rock/Fusion, Bela Fleck's Bluegrass/Fusion is alot of fun. NOW PLAYING tonight is Bass Extremes, Cookbook, by Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten, TWO bass players and drums. Try it, it's awesome.
  6. Just got on board today and like you have been doing 2 channel and car audio for a while(since the mid 60s) Don't have any pics up yet but you can check me out in the new members shout out area. The two channel stereo forum got my attention and I decided to join based on that opportunity. We may be part of a dying breed but I have seen alot of fads come and go(remember quadraphonic?). After dabbling in 5 channel HT and multichannel SACD for a while I decided to go back to stereo because I prefer the more natural imaging and soundstage of stereo. It seems to me as HT evolves from 5.1 to 6.1 to 7.1, it doesn't make any sense except to those selling the additional gear and "upgrades". And with proper speaker placement and a compliant room environment 2 channel sounds great, certainly more natural. When I listen to music I like to imagine I am at a concert with the source in front of me, JUST LIKE TWO CHANNEL STEREO. Enough said!!! OldSchoolSQ
  7. Thanks for sharing. I am a huge fan of DIY audio projects and the spectacular wood grain is for someone like myself the the icing on the cake. Throw in some BBQ, beer or wine and some good friends, it doesn't get any better than that. OldSchoolSQ
  8. Pat is one of my favorites also. I have 23 of his CDs although there are 2-3 I don't much care for, I have zero tolerance for "Zero Tolerance for Silence" LOL. A couple of my favorites are "As Falls Wichita, so falls Wichita Falls" and more recently "One Quiet Night". He is such a prolific artist it is hard to choose as I like most anything he does. Right now I am rediscovering one of my favorite genres from the 70s, Fusion Jazz. Two CDs in particular that are spectacular are "Birds of Fire" by The Mahavishnu Orchestra and "Romantic Warrior" by Return to Forever. Even though "Romantic Warrior" was recorded 34 years ago the quality of the recording is almost as good as any of my newer SACDs and the bass response will challenge any modern systems subwoofer just to keep up. Also, the compositional and technical skills of these artists will leave you shaking your head in amazement. What Metheny recordings are your faves? OldSchoolSQ
  9. Got here from the SSA forums. Started doing home audio back in the 60s, Garrard Lab 80, Dynakit PAT4, Stereo 120, homebuilt Karlson horns with 15" JBLs. (I like it loud) Have gone through alot of gear since then, Phase Linear, SAE, Marantz, Acoustat, B&W, etc. Current setup consists of Boston VR M80s/VR M50s, powered by Anthem MCA20 amp, 2-FI 12" sealed box subs, powered with Carver PM 900, Sony ES CD/DVD, B&K PRE, DBX Driverack for Xover/EQ. Got the Bostons a few years ago for my first HT/SACD setup but quickly got bored with surround because most of my listening is with CDs/music and the imaging/soundstage with surround seemed unrealistic to me. (my personal preference) So now the VR M50s sit inverted on top of the VR M80s (dAppolito style) in stereo. Have only had the Driverack for a few weeks but it was the missing link for my system and with all the features and flexibility it provides I am now VERY happy with my system. For those of you not familiar with the Driverack it is a Proaudio unit that has(all digital) crossovers, graphic and parametric EQs, time alignment delays, and many other features I don't use, but most importantly a pink noise generator with RTA to solve all those pesky frequency dips and peaks within your system AND the room environment. Highly recommended for those seeking audio nirvana. Anyway, I joined this forum after reading a few posts and thinking this was a good fit for me and I might have have some advice to share. By the way I also like BEER, HA! Lets have some fun!